Video: Nissan GT newbies crash

2013-04-03 12:26

Professional drivers in training, having graduated from PlayStation to "real world" driving, take their toll on Nissan’s 370Z cars at the 2013 GT academy.

Earlier in 2013 we reported on Nissan selecting its finalists for its 2013 GT academy. After 'virtual' qualifying rounds via GranTurismo 5 on Sony PlayStation consoles and a “real-world” test at Kyalami, SA hopefuls were selected to participate in final trials at the Silverstone circuit in England.


As is the case during any motorsport training, crashes are to be expected… especially at the GT academy, considering most of finalists have never driven a real sports car.


Nismo has a released a compilation of crashes on YouTube. According to the automaker: “This is footage of painful moments as a Nissan 370Z smashes into a wall at Silverstone during race training for GT Academy. Racing Fail.

“Driver and passenger were unhurt. Please note this is a compilation of crash footage, not a single crash incident.”

The video shows two different cars, one clearly a right-hand drive manual road car and the other a left-hand sequential GT4 car. Apparently the second crash was the result of anti-lock brakes failure and a jammed pedal.


There’s a particularly painful moment at 0.14 when you can see the anguish on the instructor's face moments before impact. You can hear him shout, “Whoa! Brake, brake, BRAKE!” before saying over radio: "We’ve had a big one, we’re in the wall!"

YouTube commenter Arnold Verghese explained: “I was one of the GT Academy's Middle East finalists. Yes, I'm aware the ESP and ABS fuse would normally be pulled during these tests, but since the conditions were very slippery, they didn't want to risk pulling it.

"We apparently had the worst conditions yet (it even snowed). The first crash was clearly speeding. What I failed to mention about the second was the the ABS failed and the pedal was jammed."

Another comment, from 'Mmybizuk', said: "First crash was hard, then towards the end of the video they make out it's the same crash but it isn't, it's LHD rather than the original crash which is RHD... also the last one they show a few times is a much slower crash with minor impact."

OwnageProductions03 said: "50 feet away: Brake 0% Full lock 100% = Accident avoided. Harsh lesson indeed, better luck next time."

Watch the video here!

  • Robert Olivier - 2013-04-03 13:47

    Gamers to REAL WORLD are TOTALLY not the same

  • Kwashirai Chigodora - 2013-04-03 15:18

    Driving is not playing with electronic make-believe toys. Being the best gamer will not translate into being even nearly good on the track. They got fast thumbs... drivers need the right arms, buttocks and feet to dance with that machine.

      Dean Williams - 2013-04-03 17:01

      yip, good hands to feel what your front is doing. the bum to feel what the rear is doing. and quick feet to make the car dance around the track.

      Mogo Naut - 2013-04-04 10:03

      "Being the best gamer will not translate into being even nearly good on the track" Yes and no. It will not "automatically" make you a great race racer, but it's an excellent base to work with. These games teach you the basic fundamentals of a racing line, where to turn in, throttle control and so on. And by games I'm NOT referring to silly arcade games like need for speed, but rather Granturismo, rFactor and other racing Sims. And MOST if not ALL of these gamers have proper steering wheels with Feedback for them. The only thing missing really are the lateral G forces of a seat. Oh and by the way, in one of the driving challenges, 3 drivers in the 370z matched the instructors time with in 1 tenth of a second! The instructor then went out again and improved his time by 5 tenths... Not bad for what a "Make believe toy" can do hey.

      Ian Calder - 2013-04-05 17:27

      Not to mention the fact the the two lads above you that have commented clearly havent read about the other guys from the GT academy. http://www.gtplanet.net/gt-academy-finalists-unsung-successes/

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