Video: Man becomes human windshield

2013-02-27 12:03

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentine - How much do you love your car? Enough to use your body to shield it from harm? What would you do to protect it from the elements?

A car owner in Mar del Plata did his best to protect his ride during a hailstorm. A video uploaded to YouTube shows the man scrambling on to the roof of his car and flailing his arms around in a desperate attempt to shield his car from the battering ice.


It's a really touching moment for any petrol head as the human car cover does his best. In a short-lived triumph of the human spirit a passer-by lends a hand by placing a towel across the windscreen.

We're wondering whether the guy filming in the apartment above eventually helped...

Watch the video here!

Care to share some tips on protecting your wheels during a hailstorm? Do you have any such moments of your own? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts or use the Readers' Comments section below...

  • MuhammadSheikOumar - 2013-02-27 12:38

    I would give that man a bells! Nothing wrong with protecting ones car. I love my car to bits and had I been in a similar situation with no place for cover (God forbid), I probably would have done something similar. Good on you fella!

  • Daniel Mah - 2013-02-27 13:36

    there's a good reason why insurance cover hail damages

      MuhammadSheikOumar - 2013-02-27 14:16

      Not always hey. In some cases the insurance companies will tell you to get lost because they do not cover "acts of God".

      christo.stone - 2013-02-28 07:11

      lol and what if you don't believe in any god? :P That's a bs excuse.

  • mogo.naut - 2013-02-27 13:56

    Why would you do that? Because Acid...

  • christi.roestorff - 2013-02-27 20:34

    He probably did more damage lying on the roof than the hail would have!

  • Kwashic - 2013-02-28 09:40

    I hope the guy filming it didnt help him. Why should he? its nothing but material property. Shmuck! if he cant afford to insure it he shouldnt be driving an expensive car. I wouldnt get hammered by hail to save some guy's paint work... its not like he didnt have a choice to stay in doors. after all the damage wouldnt stop his car performing its role. transport.

      ianmichaelcalder - 2013-03-04 13:01

      If transport is all you want, then ride in a taxi and dont own a car please. The rest of us here love cars. However, I now do understand why I keep seeing people driving around in new cars full of scraps and dings, dirty as sin.

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