Video: How not to work on your ride

2013-04-30 11:29

If you’re working on a classic roadster and the engine is on fire, do not treat it like a birthday cake and attempt to blow out the flames orally.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a youngster working on a Mazda MX-5. He has the engine hoisted and proceeds to start it.

When flames appear on the engine he begins a series of poor decisions.


Instead of immediately putting out the blaze he bizarrely continues to start the engine. Was he hoping to "switch off" the fire by starting the engine?

He then treats the fire as a birthday cake by, we’re not joking, attempting to blow out the flames with his mouth.

His oral extinguishing methods only serve to fan the flames which spread to the undercarriage and atop the bonnet. He attempts to grab a red fuel canister but unfortunately not only does it set on fire, you can also spot the flames briefly engulfing him in the process.

Finally he makes his first good decision...well sort of; Instead of putting out the now large inferno with a fire extinguisher, he uses a hose to put out the flames.

Let this be a lesson to all would-be mechanics:
1.    Do your research
2.    Invest in a fire extinguisher
3.    If the engine is on fire, continuing to attempt to start it is a bad idea.

Watch the video!

  • Mogo Naut - 2013-04-30 14:37

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Now blow it out XD

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