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Video: Honda’s 209km/h lawn mower

2013-07-18 08:26

A GRASS-CUTTING MONSTER: Who wouldn’t want to mow their lawn behind the wheel of the Mean Mower – a lawn mower capable of reaching a claimed top speed of 209km/h. Honda

Mowing the lawn is a tedious chore most of us would like to avoid, unless of course you’re behind the wheel of what could be the fastest lawn mower yet.

Honda teamed up with its title-winning British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) partner, Team Dynamics, to create a rather special grass-cutting machine - the Mean Mower.

Team Dynamics re-engineered a Honda HF2620 Lawn Tractor adding a new chassis, custom-made from 4130 chromoly.


Power is provided by a 1000cc Honda VTR Firestorm engine making 81kW/96Nm. The engine is mated to a six-speed transmission with paddle-shifts and enables the mower to accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than four seconds and to a top speed of 209km/h.

Just make sure you cover your ears as the Mean Mower is as loud as it is fast, with noise rated at 130db.


Honda used suspension and wheels from an ATV, while the grass bag provides a home for the fuel tank, high capacity oil cooler and secondary water-cooling radiator.

Other upgrades include a sports seat, exhaust system and a steering rack borrowed from a Morris Minor.

As for its ability to cut grass, the Mean Mower has two electric motors spinning a 3mm steel cutting cable at 4000rpm. Honda says its mower can cut grass “at around 24km/h”, more than double the top speed of the original HF2620.

Mean Mower has already been put through its paces by reigning BTCC champion and Honda Yuasa Racing driver Gordon Shedden.


Testing the Mean Mower, Top Gear magazine clocked "just over 160km/h" on the back straight of the Circuit de Charade testing course in France. The lawn mower was put through its paces by iconic Top Gear test driver "the Stig".

Honda UK's Kate Saxton said: "Honda is a great believer in collaboration, pushing boundaries and creating extraordinary pieces of engineering.

“This project provided the perfect opportunity to not only highlight the breadth of our product offering but to also promote our sporty heritage and support our reputation as an innovative company. Above all else, we love a challenge!”

The current lawn mower speed record was set by fuel additive firm Gold Eagle in September 2010.

Team Dynamics manager, Pete Crolla, said: “One of the key challenges is that this, to our knowledge, has never been done before. From an engineering perspective, retaining the look of the mower, and the ability to still cut grass were the biggest challenge.”

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