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Video: Don't pretend to be Loeb

2013-07-24 07:49

WHY YOU SHOULDN'T PRETEND TO BE SEBASTIEN LOEB: A driver posted his antics on Youtube showing his attempts to be rally driver. He almost sent his Subaru off a cliff but fortunately luck was on his side. Image: Youtube


A driver almost drives his car off a cliff by pretending to be rally driver in his Subaru WRX. By his own admission: "Don't pretend to be a rally driver when you're not." Check out the video!

Driver Kale Golden, posted a video on YouTube capturing the moment he nearly drove his car off a cliff while pretending to be a rally driver.

Golden said: "Almost rolled my car off of a cliff. It was caused by driver error. I tried to perform a Scandinavian flick into the corner but lost front-end grip. There was an area to the left I should have turned off into but I realised the problem too late."

Watch the video

Golden says his car is a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0 turbo mated to a five-speed manual. He used a GoPro to record his antics which could have been fatal had he been going faster.

In the video you can spot his car perched perilously close to the edge a cliff. Wheels24 wonders how on earth he managed to safely climb out of his car?

Golden lists his lessons learned:
1. "Don't pretend to be a rally driver in a rally car when you're not"
2. "Don't drive beyond your car's ability or your own talent, understeer sucks and to have an active prayer life".

YouTube commenters had the following to say:

Foursterrr said: I just imagined the car saying: "Hey man. Help. This ain't cool. Stop recording and help me out of this."

Mkumbra said: "You did not do a scandinavian flick, you just turned in too fast."

Tko741 said: "Good on you? for sucking up to it and not making excuses."

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