Video: Crazy Russian bus crash

2013-07-01 09:43

A bus crash in Russia shows why thousands of drivers in the country are purchasing dash-cams.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on June 28 2013, shows a Bus driver veering off-road and smashing into traffic. The bus smashes its way through two vehicles before hitting an SUV.

At 0:12 you can spot a Jeep driving through the intersection as if nothing happened.

Watch the video

A growing number of cautious drivers are using cameras to document crashes and even prove guilt or innocence in the case of insurance claims.


In Europe interest has grown although there is no guarantee that a court will recognise video in a legal case.

Watch some typical dash-cam crash video

The typical dash cam is mounted on the ahead of the driver or front passenger using a suction cup and when switched on records the activity in front on your car during a journey. You can also use it to keep an eye on the cabin.