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Vettel slams Formula E as 'cheese'

2014-07-25 11:17

CHEESE BOY: Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel has said he is not a fan of the new Formula E and thinks it's 'cheese'. Image: AFP/ Dimitar Dickoff

BUDAPEST,  Hungary - Red Bull Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel has slammed the International Autombile Federation's new single seater battery-car series, aka Formula E.

The series, featuring near-silent cars but an impressive collection of teams and drivers, will start its global tour of street circuits in Beijing in September 2014 but Vettel is a sceptic.

"I think it's cheese," he said bluntly.


It's not the first time he's turned to food for a put-down; he called his uncompetitive 2014 car "a cucumber" earlier in the racing year. He also earned a personal rebuke from federation president Jean Todt in 2014 for referring to the sound of the new turbo V6 engines as "shit".

Now 27-year-old Vettel has had a go at Formula E. "I'm not a fan of it and, as a viewer, I would not be interested."

Then, according to German newsmag Focus ahead of the Hungarian GP, he smiled and added: "Now I need to stop."

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