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Vettel makes fresh attack on 'new F1'

2014-05-05 11:44

VETTEL ON 'NEW F1': F1 driver Sebastian Vettel gave the sport's rules another tongue-lashing. Image: AP

LONDON, England - F1 driver Sebastian Vettel has renewed his attack on F1's "new" face after being rebuked by the International Automobile Federation for calling the mild sound of the V6 engines "shit".

Now, with more refined comments, the champion does not hide his obvious disdain for the sport's new configuration.

Vettal told German news magazine Focus: "We are a sport that is famous for being loud and dangerous. We run the risk of losing the essence of motor sports."


Asked about the new, quiet, V6 turbocharged engines, Vettel said: "I would prefer a V10 or V12 with a 1000 horse power - lots of power. I would like to drive cars that are as fast as they can be - I need to feel as though I am taming a dragon or a beast.

"Compared to 2013, this impression has diminished an awful lot."

The 26-year-old, referring to the new RB10 and his troubles at the wheel, added: "The car does not know what I want. Under braking and in the corners I have an absolute lack of confidence."

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