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Users respond: 'Nico Rosberg is a bad loser!'

2015-10-28 14:24

CUT HIM SOME SLACK? Mercedes' driver Nico Rosberg has been given a lot of flack by F1 fans for his unsportsmanlike behaviour after the 2015 US GP. Image: AFP / Andreas Solaro

Mercedes' Nico Rosberg threw away his chance of winning the 2015 US GP on Sunday and handed rival team mate Lewis Hamilton the opportunity to secure his third Formula 1 world championship. His apparent anger at himself, and even Hamilton could not be hidden on pre-, during and post podium.

Bad loser

He has been widely called a 'bad loser' for hauling a cap at his team mate and refusing to spray champagne on the podium.

In his column for Bild newspaper, Rosberg said: "Have you ever seen them try to eat ox testicles on (reality TV show) Survivor? Absolutely disgusting! That's how I felt after the race in America."

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But there's no hard feelings from Hamilton. The defending champion said: "I can understand in many respects how it is. It's the worst thing to be my team mate.

"I guess when you come in after the race and are disappointed, the emotions are sometimes unbearable. I don't take anything from it.  I've seen Nico in lots of different lights over the years."

Wheels24 readers have their say:

Rosemary Boulter says: Nico Rosberg acted like a spoiled child that didn’t get his own way!  

Some people say Mercedes Benz won the championship for Lewis Hamilton. That’s like saying that Ferrari won it for Michael! Nico Rosberg couldn’t do it for Mercedes but Hamilton could! Good luck to Lewis, he is a very good, reliable driver not to mention a graceful loser when he doesn’t win as well as being an absolute gentleman. He always thanks his crew first even if he loses. 

Paul Larche says: Better for Nico to find another drive, never will he match Lewis in the same car. He suffers the reality of never emulating his father. His ego is far greater than his talent, a Monaco brat!

Ria Cook says: Disgusting behaviour for a sportsman!

Bert Meintjes says: Errrr don't think it's a question of a sore loser rather one of double standards. I recall when Rosberg was accused of being an "aggressive" driver during a race earlier in the season there was a huge outcry from the media because poor Hamilton didn't win. 

Mercedes (and Hamilton) was quick to crucify Rosberg publicly but nothing was said of Hamilton's "aggresive" driving in the US race. (Not the only example).  It's OK if Hamilton does it but not OK if someone else do it. 

The Mercedes team obviously heavily favour Hamilton over Rosberg. This is evident in there actions/inactions, comments or no comments when it comes to their golden boy. 

I believe Hamilton is a great driver, so are many others, however he is being protected and treated with white gloves compared to Rosberg. What do you think Hamilton's reaction would have been if the situation was reversed? The media and Mercedes racing team are hypocrites.

Michael says: Not the first time. Not the second time. Nico, never the right time.

Johann Barnard says: I am a big fan of Nico Rosberg, but he did not have to act the way he did. Hamilton won the race fair and square due to Rosberg's own mistake. The bottom line is: Nico, don't be a bad loser that does not fit in with your profile, you definitely have a chance next year!!!


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