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2014-05-16 07:28

THE SECRET TO BEING HAPPY ON THE ROAD: Does the secret to being happy lie within a bucket of soap and water? Does washing your car make you feel happy? Email us and we’ll publish your thoughts! Image: Shutterstock


Supermodel Kate Upton, car wash bubbles, short-shorts... Mercedes-Benz turns to celebrities to promote its new CLA.

LONDON, England - The next time you're venting in traffic or feel stressed after a long drive home  consider washing your car. A study claims you'll feel happier after the hose-down, cheerful when the chamois is back in its packet.

A survey by the IMO car wash group in England revealed three out of four drivers' "feel happier" when their cars are clean. Do South Africans drivers feel the same?

IMO reports that 85% of respondents aged 25-34  felt happier about life when their car was clean; 82% aged 18-24 believed they felt happier with spotless, wiped-down, wheels.


Psychologist Sandra Wheatley explained: “Our cars are very personal spaces. The make or model we choose is generally accepted to imply our personality and vocation. Their value is very often assumed to reflect our status in society.

"Having a clean car tells the world how conscientious and/or reliable we are - a clean car reflects a well-ordered mind. Younger drivers, or those without financial security, may want to use every tool available to tell the world that they are worthwhile and worth getting to know. 

"It follows that those who are financially comfortable, including retired drivers, don’t feel the need to wash and polish their car to feel proud.”

Sadly, some respondents revealed they’d rather “boil their own heads” than get their car washed.

Do you feel happy after you've washed your car? Email us thoughts or use the Readers Comments section below.
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