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UK speed-cut: What about SA?

2014-03-12 10:35

FAR FEWER CARS BACK THEN: The M1, opened in 1959, was Britain's first full-length motorway. Fast forward 55 years and the UK government hopes to reduce emissions by imposing a speed reduction on a section of the M1. Image: YOUTUBE

LONDON, England - More than two-thirds of drivers want the UK government to apply the brakes to a plan to cut the speed limit on a section of the country's main north-south freeway.

A poll by vehicle dealer Motorpoint showed 78% of respondents opposed proposals announced earlier in 2014 to reduce the upper limit on a section of the M1 from 112km/h to 96km/h (70 to 60mph). More than 4100 people participated.

VIDEO: History of Britain's M1

In South Africa this would mean a proportional reduction from 120km/h to 104km/h.

The UK's Highways Agency revealed that a 54km section of the M1 through two counties, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, would have a maximum speed limit of 96km/h from 7am-7pm from 2015 to help meet European Union clean-air targets.


Motorpoint's MD Mark Carpenter said: "The result of our poll is definitive – drivers don’t want to go any slowe. They want to get their destination quicker.

"The government needs to focus its efforts on using the motorway ‘smarter’, adding lanes wherever possible to free-up traffic and avoid costly queues.

"Road users are already doing their bit for the environment by buying greener cars in record numbers and the government needs to respond in kind rather than by introducing measures that will only contribute to making our motorways even slower."
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