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2014-06-25 12:17

FANCY AN ELECTRIC CAR? UK drivers refuse to buy electric cars because of costs and recharging. Image: Shutterstock

LONDON, England - A huge majority of UK drivers, 69% of them, don't want an electric car.

Road-safety organisation the Institute of Advanced Motorists said the most important factors deterring that 69% from buying battery were recharging (40%), range (39%) and cost (33%).

Less than one percent of drivers already own a battery car or van but five percent said they were thinking about buying an one and 18% had thought about buying but changed their mind.


However, not everybody was put off the idea of an electric vehicle: 37% said reducing the cost would encourage them to buy, 20% would if they travelled further and another 17% would be encouraged by more charging points.

Costs-wise, the most important point was purchase cost; then came recharge costs, maintenance, insurance and vehicle excise duty.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “It is clear that the government has a long way to go to convince buyers that electric vehicles really are the future. On the positive side, people were not worried about safety or comfort - range anxiety and charging infrastructure remained real stumbling blocks. 

"For the good of the environment the IAM wants to see a quicker roll-out of charging points and long-term guarantees that the current £5000 government subsidy will remain in place.” - Newspress
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