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Tyre horror: Truck loses it on highway

2013-10-24 19:45

A SIMPLE CHECK CAN SAVE LIVES: A CCTV camera captures the moment a truck’s tyre fails. A simple monthly tyre check could save your life. Image: HIGHWAYSAGENCY

A tyre failure cause a truck to crash on a highway, causing extensive damage. The crash was captured on CCTV and forms part of TyreSafe’s October tyre safety month. What’s more, its advice could save your life.

LONDON, England - The consequences tyre failures are revealed in a series of CCTV clips launched by Britain’s Highways Agency Traffic Management and TyreSafe as part of its October 2013 tyre safety month.

CCTV cameras captured the moment a tyre fails on a large truck, sending it careering into a motorway central barrier and creating chaos and extensive damage.

Video: Truck suffers tyre failure

TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson said: “Many people incorrectly assume that if a tyre fails, they’ll simply pull into the safety of the hard shoulder. As this startling clip shows, when a tyre fails the results can be dramatic, beyond control and incredibly frightening. The clips emphasise why it’s important to check your tyres regularly.”


Another clip shows how shows officials have to have to close all three lanes of a motorway due to debris from tyre failure.

Jackson said: “Checking your tyre pressures regularly is vitally important for your safety on the road. It's sad that it’s something overlooked by many drivers. For some, they simply forget to do this, while for others they don’t even know where to start.

Despite only taking a few minutes to complete, significant numbers of drivers continue to put themselves and other road users at risk by failing to make the checks.

A TyreSafe survey involving more than 27 000 vehicles, found that 78% were being driven with under-inflated tyres. More alarmingly, 28% had tyres that were considered “seriously or severely under-inflated”, greatly reducing safety on the road.


When tyres are under-inflated, not only are drivers’ running costs increased through higher fuel bills and rapid tyre wear but they are much more likely to suffer from a dangerous rapid deflation through overheating. This type of event typically occurs after periods of prolonged high-speed driving.

To reduce the risks from running on under-inflated tyres, TyreSafe advisers drivers to check their tyres at least once a month and before any long journey.

As well as checking that tyres are inflated to the correct pressure at least once a month, tread depths should also be checked to ensure they meet the legal minimum standards and tyres should be inspected for any cuts, lumps or sidewall bulges.

Agency director Simon Sheldon-Wilson said: “By taking a few minutes to check your tyres, you could save yourself the distress, cost and possibly very serious consequences of having a tyre blow-out at high speed.

"Tyre failure can happen suddenly in fast-moving traffic, putting everyone at risk. Tyre debris in live lanes can cause danger for others and our staff have to stop traffic and cross the carriageway to retrieve it."
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