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Twitter reacts to viral SA traffic video

2015-09-02 08:00

TRAFFIC HERO OR VILLAINESS? This Joburg metro officer was filmed by a driver after he was pulled over for allegedly skipping a red robot. Who handled the situation better? Image:YouTube

Cape Town - Johannesburg driver Clive Naidoo filmed a metro police officer who pulled him over on Friday (August 28).

Naidoo said he was mistreated by the officer and said that he was first assisted by a "polite" policewoman before a second officer barged in and said: "You got four eyes, can’t you see you shot the robot?"

What followed was a bizarre, albeit hilarious, altercation with a police officer.


Naidoo said on Facebook: "...At that stage she grabbed my drives licence from the other officer and went to get a fine book. I realised that this was not going to look good so at that stage I started recording the conversation, watch what transpired."

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The video has become a viral sensation with many praising the officer's great sense of humour.

Naidoo has subsequently removed the video from Facebook after receiving criticism for the way he handled the situation.

Watch the clip here:

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Check out public reaction in 10 awesome tweets:

South African minister of Sport and Recreation Fikile Mbalula, known for his hilarious tweets, did not disappoint:

Khaya Dlanga was clearly bowled over by the officer's antics:

Some users thought the exchange was hilarious:

@thobie4me expressed her amusement of the cop "serving" Naidoo:

@kruder69 said both parties were wrong:

A twitter user with the same name responded to other user's who mistook him for the driver in the video:

The metro cop was receiving praise from many South Africans:

@Phindi_prue1 was bowled over by the comedy in the clip:

@37Begood said Naidoo had made the wrong move by filming the officer: @GrahamRMiller thought the cop displayed good acting skills:

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Wheels24 readers respond:

Kawasaki1985: The Facts : Mr Naidoo = 1. Jumped through a Red Robot 2. Car Licence expired 3. Provocation of a Law Officer. The Cop :- 1. No Name Tag / Identification 2. Provocation 3. Racism 4. Conduct Unbecoming of a Law Officer 
A complete comedy and reflection of how STUPID we are becoming, however, I find nothing funny here ..... just absolute embarrassment!

Andani Colleen Netselo: This woman did nothing wrong if Naidoo just accepted the fine and just went to the traffic department for cancellation all this drama wasn't even gonna go on... Firstly you don't have to argue with a traffic officer accept the mistake and move on if you don't want drama! He provoked her so think it served him right, she saw he was making a video. She gave him what he wanted - drama!

She was doing her job and for him to say he pays her salary, that killed me. It's true but he wasn't suppose to insult her like that as if she wasn't doing her job!!!

Rudolph Terblanche: Also think the guy deserved a fine and should have gotten an even bigger one for disrespecting her. She should have taken his car off the road due to its cracked windscreen.

Mike Corke: I think the traffic cop was brilliant, she can stop me any day. Its nice to have a cop with a sense of humour, she was claim and polite, as for Clive he should have kept his mouth shut.

Tim Carthew: This guy is clearly in the wrong here. People need to stop trying to find fault in absolutely everything government related, especially poor police people. They have a tough job for very little money, while putting their lives in danger. I think her attitude was amazing, the guy was being disrespectful and chirpy. She reacted in the same way.

She could of gotten quite unfriendly and stubborn, but she handled his filming and attitude like a champ! Well done! Whenever I've encountered cops doing their job; treated them with respect; even cracked a joke or two, they tend to react in the same way. While I may of gotten a fine, they've been very friendly and polite about it. You get treated in the same way you treat other people.


Ro Harrison: Any illegality by Naidoo deserved an appropriate fine. However, the cop was unprofessional, extremely rude both to Naidoo and about others, ignorant and an embarrassment to the police force and South Africa in every way possible. She behaved more like a drunken teenager on stage than the professional policewoman she claims to be.

She certainly does not deserve the R20 000 she boasts that she is paid and should remember that Naidoo is correct - she is a public paid employee! His breaking the law does not excuse the disgusting way she dealt with the matter - her rudeness and total lack of professionalism is inexcusable!

James Stirton: Mmm, clearly there is fault on both sides here. Naaidoo “antagonised” the cop by alleging that he “pays their salaries”. However, the metro lady officer was extremely unprofessional- to carry on and on about it was a discredit to her. Chatting away to her colleagues and wasting Naaidoo’s time was also clearly a ploy to irritate him further. Basically, she abused her authority…it’s as simple as that.

The last straw was when she made it racial by alleging that Naidoo “thinks he is white because he speaks English” and “you are Indian but you are black like me”….WOW! Clearly she has a rather large chip on her shoulder and her treatment of Naidoo merely confirms this.

Michael Fegbeutel: I think the Traffic Officer is absolutely childish and intimidating. Over and above that she is pretty stupid. Naidoo has a huge crack through the windscreen – is that not an “offense” as well?


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