Trans-US in a very Old-smobile

2013-04-12 10:47

LONDON, England – In 2012 Wheels24 reported on Joy Rainey preparing for her gruelling charity drive across the US - now it's about to start.

On Saturday (April 13 2013) the tiny veteran racer will set off on her epic 4500km adventure from Oceanside, California, to Los Angeles and then to Daytona Beach in Florida to raise the equivalent of R270 000 for Cancer Research UK.


Rainey's had a very varied motorsport career. She raced a Jaguar E-type in hill climbs before progressing to a 2.3-litre single-seater, breaking several records along the way. She took part in the London-Sydney Marathon in 2004 (in a Morris Minor) and the 8000km Carrera Sudamericana in 2006 in a converted V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

She first took part in the London-Brighton Veteran Car Run in 2001 in a 1901 Clément Voiturette. The car didn't make it to Brighton but she returned in 2006 with a 1904 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Runabout, which she bought by selling her single-seater hill-climb car.

The Oldsmobile has taken Rainey to the finish of the London-Brighton run several times, including in 2012 though it took her nearly five hours.

The drive across the US will not only be for cancer research but also as a tribute to her late husband, Trevor Hulks.

She expects to arrive in Daytona Beach on May 13, Day 31 of her journey.

Follow Rainey’s progress on Twitter and Facebook Joy Across America.

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