Toyota's 'big data' traffic service

2013-05-30 08:29

TOKYO, Japan - Toyota is using live-time traffic information from 700 000 of its vehicles on Japanese roads to offer what it calls a "big data" service to local governments and businesses that will help drivers during disasters.

Toyota said the R20 000 monthly service will start June 3 2013 in Japan. Global services are being considered but nothing has been decided.


Data from Toyota vehicles on roads is already being collected automatically. The new service processes the data and makes the information available to clients who sign with the service.

The same applies in South Africa.

Toyota SA says some models with navigation units already collect data but won't be used in the "bid data" service.

A Toyota SA spokesperson said: "This new service won't be coming to SA any time soon."

Toyota said it would offer some of the traffic information for free on smartphones and would allow drivers to share their own observations on road conditions, including blocked roads and strong winds, with other drivers.