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Toyota the 'most caring'

2005-12-08 15:24

Kitty Sokhela, Senior Manager, Corporate Social Investment, receives the PMR award for 1st overall Corporate Care - Automotive sector on behalf of Toyota South Africa

Volkswagen SA was runner-up.

Besides being highest rated overall in the automotive sector, Toyota won Golden Arrow awards for corporate governance, social upliftment (highest rated) and environmental care (highest rated), as well as Silver Arrows for primary healthcare (jointly highest rated with Volkswagen) and war against crime (highest rated).

The company received Bronze Awards for black economic empowerment (BEE), education, empowerment of women and job creation and training.

The survey was conducted nationally in September with 183 executives in all spheres of commerce and industry, as well as local, regional and national authorities, trade unionists, NGO?s and business associations.

A total of 29 688 ratings were obtained in 35 sectors.

Toyota SA has featured strongly in the PMR corporate care awards for many years.

Earlier in the year Toyota scooped a major environmental award at the Mail & Guardian?s Greening the Future initiative.

The judges noted that Toyota had claimed the environmental high ground in the local motor industry, not only through the launch of the pioneering Prius hybrid car, but through the application of international health, safety and environmental standards in the procurement and production processes at its manufacturing plant in Durban.

Toyota SA also received a merit award in the Mail & Guardian?s Investing in the Future awards, once again proving the company?s commitment to good corporate citizenship.

The judges were particularly impressed with the holistic approach the company takes to social development and noted that not many corporations address the triple bottom line in such a thorough and integrative manner that Toyota does.

Toyota SA is committed to developing social development programmes to uplift and empower local communities in the areas where it operates ? KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Originally inspired by the vision of the company?s founder, Dr Albert Wessels, the company social development programmes have been in operation for many years, with the major focus on education and training over the years the initiatives have become more progressive, innovative and far-reaching.

To strengthen programme implementation the Toyota Academy ? comprising four 'schools' responsible for training and supporting employees, suppliers, communities, dealers and distributors - was established in July 2003.

The School of Social and Community Development is responsible for implementing the social and community development programme.


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