Top teams protest Rosberg win

2013-05-27 08:08

MONTE CARLO, Monaco - A shadow is hanging over Nico Rosberg's Monaco Grand Prix win now that Red Bull and Ferrari have launched a pre-race protest.

Mercedes' rivals allege the German squad conducted an illegal three-day test with Pirelli at Barcelona, just after the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix.


Red Bull's team principal Christian Horner said: "What annoys me is that it was so underhand.”

The FIA summoned all of the parties to hearings in the Monaco stewards' room immediately after the race. It appears Pirelli's right to conduct a mid-season test, and the strict in-season testing ban, have collided in a cauldron of typical Formula 1 politics.

Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn insists he checked with the FIA prior to the test, "and they were happy".

Horner, however, insists: "The team has run a current car with current drivers and current tyres. That's a clear breach of the sporting regulations."

A Ferrari spokesman agreed that while Pirelli was allowed to test, it had to be with a two-year-old car. "The fundamental aspect is the year of the car," he said, "because if you use a current car it should be allegedly a breach".

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  • Vuyani Valashiya - 2013-05-27 10:40

    This win might show that they benefited as they have been unable to carry over the performance of quali to race day. Let us see the next race as Monaco is a difficult place to overtake

  • Cobus Fenwick - 2013-05-28 00:14

    Money talks and bull$hit walks. It is so important to break records, that the main reason what it is all about, is missed. "Kobayashi-Podim in Japan last year", common get real.

  • Craig Shaun Henry - 2013-05-28 09:28

    This article doesn't have all the information, the fault lies with Pirelli. The FIA told Pirelli they could conduct such tests, only if they extended the invitation to all other manufacturers as well. The reason why they could use a current car is due to a clause which states that Pirelli can conduct tests on a current car for safety concerns,as this supercedes any other FIA regulation over testing.

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