Top Gear stunt - Lambo flip

2013-03-11 12:32

SYDNEY, Australia - Crashing cars, death-defying races and hilarious vehicular antics... Top Gear is synonymous with vehicular madness. At the show's hit motoring festivals, Jeremy Clarkson and his co-hosts can be counted on to perform crazy vehicle antics.

At the March 9 2013 Top Gear Festival in Sydney, Australia, organisers had a unique stunt involving an iconic supercar - a front flip over a speeding Lamborghini Murcielago.


It's as crazy as it sounds.

A video uploaded by TopGear shows a man standing on a racetrack in front of an oncoming Murcielago. The supercar drives towards him, not at its top speed but fast enough to cripple him if anything goes wrong.

Fortunately the stuntman performed the feat front-flipped over the oncoming supercar.

According to Top Gear: "At least made him wear a helmet. So if you weren't at the TopGear Festival at Sydney Motorsport Park over the weekend, we took a video of this bizarre stunt for you."


Top Gear also last weekend (March 9 2013) sparked a major row in New Zealand after authorities had to apologise to Maoris for letting the show film a high-speed stunt on a "spiritual" beach.

  • Pagel Trivia - 2013-03-11 12:54

    This dude is crazy ... but he's got big ones.

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