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Top 10 bad driving habits

2013-09-25 09:30

'HEY! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?' If drivers were a little more courteous on the road perhaps driving, especially in traffic, would be less stressful and therre would be fewer awful incidents of road rage. Image: YOUTUBE

Driving too close to another vehicle, not indicating before turning, stealing a parking spot... really lousy, ignorant and rude driving habits. Do YOU feature in the road rage-inducing driving habits Top 10 ?

LONDON, England - Tailgating and failing to use indicators are two of the most despised driving habits in the UK and both are common behaviour in South Africa, particularly when overtaking or entering/leaving a traffic circle.

Insurance company GEM says the lack of punishment in the UK for such driving behaviour can be just as frustrating.


GEM surveyed UK drivers to find out what driving behaviour irritated them most and the findings reveal that two out of three hate being tailgated. Second in drivers' pet peeves were road users who failed to indicate before changing direction or lanes, and third was a lack of proper freeway lane discipline.

The third, for sure, is endemic on South African freeways where drivers, particularly on the five-lane highway between Johannesburg and Pretoria, seem to believe he or she "owns" the lane being used. Here's a slogan for the 'drive alive' people: 'Nobody scores, crashes are caused'.

Click here for examples of SA poor driving habits

Interestingly, UK drivers listed road users not thanking a fellow driver for letting them through or pass as one of the top 10 worst behaviours. True, too, in SA where easing to the left over the yellow line no longer attracts a cheerful three flashes of the emergency indicators. 'Get outta my way!' rules, OK?

GEM was concerned that all three behaviours often went unpunished and blamed a lack of traffic police. Hey, isn't that true in South Africa, too? Yes, of course it is!

GEM’s CEO David Williams said: “Without enough traffic police addressing habits such as tailgating and not indicating, bad driving practice is starting to become more common. Even though minor motoring misbehaviour seems less serious than some other driving offences it can be equally as dangerous. It's the role of the traffic police to enforce punishment but up to us all road users to ensure that we ourselves avoid poor driving practice.”

You drivers out there on South African roads taking heed?

The top 10 motoring misbehaviours

1 Vehicles driving too close behind your car.
2 Drivers not indicating before turning.
3 Drivers not practicing proper motorway lane use.
4 Other road users cutting in and reducing the gap between you and the vehicle ahead.
5 People driving well below the applicable speed limit.
6 Trucks slowly overtaking other vehicles on motorways and dual carriageways.
7 Drivers not thanking you for letting them through/ letting them pass.
8 Drivers not letting you in and preventing you from moving/joining lanes.
9 Road users hooting if you change your mind about lane position or make a minor error.
10 Drivers pushing in to a parking slot after another driver has already indication an intention to park.

What particular examples of bad driving irritate the hell out of you? Tell us in the Readers' Comments section below or Email us and get published on South Africa's best-read motoring news website - Wheels24.
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