Tolls hold sway with homebuyers

2012-09-05 15:10

Johannesburg - The implementation of e-tolling on Gauteng's major highways could affect property sale patterns and prices.

That's according to a survey conducted by bond originators Ooba which showed 80% of respondents would consider Gauteng's toll road routes when selecting property.

Of the rest, 13% said they would not be influenced and seven percent were not even aware of the tolls.


A survey spokesperson said: "This significant majority [of respondents] is not unexpected if you take into consideration that the proposed tolls could increase an individual's monthly expenditure by as much as R1000. The most road travel an individual undertakes is office-home so naturally this added cost will influence where people want to live."

Toll fees and traffic were "key factors" to which homebuyers should be giving thought when considering a move. "Property buyers should take into account the location of commercial centres, schools and public transport systems before they buy. They should also consider the locations of family and friends - those trips will also be frequent."

His further advice: before making an offer actually drive the routes during rush hour.