Tlokwe mayor scorns fancy Merc

2013-02-08 13:42

Wheels24 reported earlier in February 2013 that a Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI (costing R736 000) was delivered to Tlokwe (Potchefstroom) ANC mayor Maphetle Maphetle.

But he'd been kicked out of office. Still, the car had to be delivered after a lengthy time blamed on several "luxury customisations".


Current Democratic Alliance mayor Annette Combrink has refused to use the car (like her party leader Helen Zille) because such luxuries "were no longer appropriate when people were burdened by poverty."

"My biggest objection is that expensive official cars in general, not just at Tlokwe, are unnecessary and obsolete."

Combrink said she would use her personal nine-year-old VW Passat for mayoral business and the expensive Merc will remain in a local parking garage..

The vehicle was ordered for Maphetle in June 2012 but was delayed until 2013, allegedly to fit beige leather seats and a sunroof. Two vehicles borrowed from the dealer meanwhile were damaged by Tlokwe municipal officials.

Maphetle told Beeld he was not familiar with any specific model or special finishes having been ordered because he did not know exactly what had been budgeted for.

Combrink said she had asked the Auditor-General to investigate the purchase.

Should Combrink drive the mayoral E350 or has she done the right thing by sticking with her VW Passat? What would you do in her situation?

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  • musazwane - 2013-02-08 14:40

    She should drive it while she can as she will also soon be kicked to the curb.

      indianajohn - 2013-02-09 17:28

      You just don't get it, do you? She is not interested in the car. She's interested in doing her job well. And if she gets kicked to the curb, the last thing she'll be thinking about is the stupid car! I do not understand how your mind works.

  • neil.russell.94 - 2013-02-08 17:12

    Who do they think they are spending MY money! That thing is U-g-l-y... and look at those revolting "ANC" mag wheels. A pidly public servant of a mayor should not be entitled to a car like this. Especially the ousted Maphetle who obviously had no clue about running a city not to mention such basics like what his personal budget was for a car. Countries with 10x our GDP drive in lesser cars than a Passat too! But well done to Annette Combrink for making a moral stand to the rampant corruption in the countrty and driving a vehicle most fitting of the position.

      alan.jerrold - 2013-02-09 16:53

      Yep, neil. Combrink must arrange for the Mercedes to be sold and use the THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION RANDS to help uplift the poor in the Tlokwe area, who desperately need it. Because the ANC is only concerned with uplifting public funds for their own pockets, never uplifting the poor.

  • bertus.pretorius.1 - 2013-02-09 18:08

    I would like to actually bet that the next worthless cadre mayor from the current ruling party, raise his/her objections at his inauguration to get a second hand car....

  • Kwashic - 2013-02-09 22:13

    Its the ways of this world.... the higher your salary the more free stuff they will give you! CEOs get thousands every month and then some more so they can buy cars...and then are given company cars too. Mankind''s ways.. cant unnderstand it

  • rankees.moka - 2013-02-10 08:35

    De mayor jst lyk her boss hell-en is plainly fooling de masses, lyk does she expect us to clap hands while she reaps de municipality of cash??i mean dt 9yr old passart is now being run on municipal budget 4 heaven's sake while de municipality has 2 gt rid of its fleet after every 5yrs. We r being taken 4 a ride here

      dtangocci - 2013-02-10 11:35

      Clearly you got taken for a ride by whoever taught you how to write.

      Threetimeschampions - 2013-02-10 16:17

      Evolution took you for a ride moka

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