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The 2014 F1 season 'is the best yet'

2014-05-14 13:06


WHAT’S TO COMPLAIN ABOUT? Wheels24 reader Craig Henry believes the 2014 F1 season is “the most exciting” recent years. Image: AFP/ LLUIS GENE

Anybody who has been watching Formula 1 for the past few years will know when a fan doesn't follow the sport.

The 2014 F1 season is more exciting than it has been ever been in the last few years. The comment about driving around in circles (Wheels24 reader Fanie Gerber's post)  is the most common remark people make who have no understanding or love for the sport.


F1 is nothing like driving around in a circle, there is more gradient, curves and chicanes on a typical GP track than your average person negotiates in a day. A lot of people don't realise this when staring at their TV screens.

The author (Fanie Gerber) clearly does not understand the nature of the sport. F1 has always been about which team has the best overall package, the best engine and the best chassis, it's not the Drivers' championship.

It's about top manufacturers like McLaren and Ferrari pitting technical know-how against rivals and, drivers that race for them, it's a holistic sport that's the way F1 has always been and should stay.

If you understand the sport you would realise racing in the 1980's and 1990's was possible, because of old technology, shifting gears manually and no traction control.

Today the cars are so advanced you will never have the same kind of racing you had with older cars.


What do you want them to do? Start racing again with 30-year old cars? F1 is about technology,the latest and greatest, it's about change - F1 never stands still for long.

The last four years have been boring with F1 driver Sebastian Vettel winning the Drivers' championship. In 2014 the racing between the teams has been much more thrilling and, even though Mercedes is ahead in the Constructors' championship, their battles between them is exciting.

For those so-called F1 fans, when has their not been a time of dominance by one team or another in F1?

It's only been four races into the new era and Red Bull is already catching up - Vettels pace and fastest lap in the Spanish GP was evidenced. 

People are already complaining about Mercedes's dominance. I have been a McLaren fan since three-years-old and I think 2014 has proven to be the best in ages.

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