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Taxis: 1 day, 2 crashes, 14 dead

2013-12-03 09:23

SA’S UNTOUCHABLES: A taxi driver’s stupidity led to 14 people, including eight children, being killed. So MEC Nono Maloyi urges drives to be patient on the roads. Image: SAPA

Wheels24 staff, SAPA

14 people died - eight of them children - and 28 were injured in just TWO crashes involving three taxis - one in North West, the other in Randburg, Gauteng.

And they are just the serious ones that were reported through the news media and the South African Press Association - Sapa.

Fourteen people died on Dec 1 2013 and seven were injured when two taxis collided on the N12 near Klerksdorp, North West. A 14th died in hospital. Two of the dead were the drivers - eight of the their victims were children.


Public safety department spokesman Ben Bole said the driver of one of the taxis tried to overtake four cars at once. He - and many of his customers - just didn't make it.

North West public safety MEC Nono Maloyi trotted out the usual meaningless government platitudes: exercise patience, comply with traffic laws.

Maloyi said: "Overtaking in an unsafe area is regarded as negligent driving and this leads to accidents. Losing 14 at once is too much and we are not going to allow that."

Hello, Maloyi, you and other state officials ARE allowing it. Time and time again, through lack of proper policing, corruption, bribery of traffic cops and at testing centres - vehicle and licence. Where is your ANGER, Maloyi?

Maloyi said reckless drivers would be dealt with. Unfortunately those in N12 crash won't be appearing in court, but rather at autopsies and funerals.

He sent condolences to the families and friends of those who died. Perhaps, as in other cases, the state will garner approbation by paying for funerals.


This one was in Randburg. A taxi veered off the road, mowed down a pedestrian and crashed into a wall on Witkoppen Road and 21 people were injured; 19 went to hospital and one, the pedestrian, was helicoptered to hospital and was in a critical condition.

The 2013 holiday season is fast approaching and there will be more crashes as thousands of South Africans embark on journeys. How about some seriously painful action from the ANC government? Starting with long, long jail terms for corruption - those taking bribes at traffic departments across the nation are guilty of conspiring to kill.

Wheels24 says: Isn’t it time the ANC clamped down on taxis? Or, as a political party, is it simply too scared - are votes more important than lives - even those of children? Don't the traffic cops who take a few rands at the roadside, the licence testers who "pass" an incompetent driver, the testing station owners who "pass" a dangerously unroadworthy taxi, see what they are setting in train?

Are they just stupid and greedy or - much, much worse - do they really just not care?

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