TV star reveals truck app

2013-05-23 08:20

Celebrity truck driver Lisa Kelly of the TV series “Ice Road Truckers” and “IRT: Deadliest Roads” is the new global ambassador for Worldtrucker, an online community smartphone app.

Fleet magazine reported that she revealed the app and the website in the Volvo Trucks booth at the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.

An active member of the Worldtrucker community, Kelly was one of the first to try the app during her recent visit to Sweden.


Kelly said: “The new Worldtrucker app and website allows truckers to connect with other truckers all over the world and share their stories and passion for life on the road. The app is, of course, designed for truckers, by truckers. So come on, join the family.

“I like keeping in touch with the trucking community. There are a lot of things that keep truck drivers united, and that’s what’s cool about the Worldtrucker concept. Other truck drivers can understand what you’re going through, and thanks to Worldtrucker we can help each other.”

According to Fleet magazine, by offering these social elements, Volvo Trucks hopes to increase interest in the profession and support the recruitment of new drivers. The worldwide driver shortage is a vital issue for the industry. Worldtrucker welcomes all truckers regardless of what truck brand they drive or prefer.

Paula Kuhnel, Worldtrucker manager, said: "We know that truck drivers have strong professional pride and that's exactly what Worldtrucker is about - sharing that passion for trucks and for life on the road.”

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