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Suzuki SA: Finally one big family

2014-04-01 15:08

DIVIDED NO MORE: Suzuki South Africa has announced that all its business units will now operate as one entity. Image: Suzuki

  •All products now united as single business entity
  • More cohesive brand strategy
  • More focus on 'Suzuki Way of Life'

Suzuki South Africa has announced that it will be integrating all of its divisions into a  single business entity.

The automaker says its brand interests in SA "will be united" and will be trading under the auspices of Suzuki Auto South Africa (Pty) Ltd as of April 1 2014.


Previously, Suzuki's automotive interests were controlled by Suzuki Auto South Africa, while the motorcycle, ATV and marine divisions were controlled separately by Suzuki South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Managing director of Suzuki Auto SA, Yukio Sato, said: "We have followed a lengthy process of integration, which has now enabled us to represent all of the Suzuki brands in SA with a more cohesive, coherent and unified structure.

"Suzuki offers a compelling product range across various market segments, all sharing the 'Suzuki Way of Life!' brand strategy, and which clearly position the marque as innovative and progressive."


Sato points out that the automakes's product offering is extensive and versatile: "It extends from our latest SX4 crossover and the exhilarating GSX-R motorcycle range, to any of our highly capable ATVs, and Suzuki's high-tech marine products.

"It also dovetails with our philosophy of offering a complete mobility concept that is able to serve the needs of our customers through their entire automotive life cycle, for both business and pleasure."

There will be no immediate impact on Suzuki's national network of automotive and non-automotive dealerships, which will continue trading as normal.

Suzuli SA said: “In the longer term, however, customers can expect a more integrated retail approach to the entire Suzuki product range, which should benefit overall availability.”

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