Survey: Top carmaker revealed

2013-05-02 07:58

LONDON, England - Lexus has been named "top manufacturer" by Auto Express, returning to No.1 after four years as runner-up.

The results from the Auto Express Driver Power Survey, based on the opinions and real-life experiences of more than 45 000 UK drivers, reflect the owner-appeal and performance of Lexus models.


Steve Fowler, Auto Express editor-in-chief, said: “Lexus takes a well deserved top spot in the Driver Power 2013 manufacturers' chart. The brand finished first in three out of the 10 categories in our survey and second in two others – an impressive result.

“More than anything, Lexus customers praised their cars’ premium qualities - they’re expertly put together, packed with gadgets and a pleasure to drive.”

Richard Balshaw, the UK's Lexus division director, said: “We’re delighted to have earned this award again - the competition becomes tougher every year.

“Lexus came to the market promising to deliver a new and better customer experience and we’ve stayed true to that promise by creating cars that deliver luxury, style, reliability and a great driving experience."

  • ayo.mkize - 2013-05-02 08:29

    Yes Lexo all the way 2015/16 Coupe on the way

      Sabs Mzuku - 2013-05-02 10:53

      Imagine an IS-F Coupe!!!!!!!

  • Kwashirai Chigodora - 2013-05-02 10:03

    not too surprised. They seem to go to great lengths to please the owner rather than wasting too much time on making it the fastest...yet it remains no slouch either. I am highly satisfied with corollas that i am buying my third one... used again...yet so satisfying. Th older two are still working too.

  • Sabs Mzuku - 2013-05-02 10:53

    Its gotta be a Lexus. The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection. Drive one and you will know why!!

  • Indren Maistry - 2013-05-02 13:43

    Lexus make great cars but they have the worse maintenance plan in the premium sector and the customers service is pathetic. Lexus SA needs to wake up else they will loose their customers

      Sabs Mzuku - 2013-05-02 14:32

      First hand experience? (just curious)

  • Indren Maistry - 2013-05-02 19:18

    Yes first hand. I am on my second lexus. First had a IS 250 SE 2007 for 6 years. The service and support was fantastic. Recently purchased a GS350. I wa told the car had full maintenance plan. As for on the OTP , found out lexus change the so called maintenance plan. They are essentially a Service plan for the base E models. A service plan with brake pad for the EX model.and a full maintenance plan for the top of range models. I tried call the lexus helpline on what is covered under warranty and agents were busy, left a message, they did not call me back. Log a meesage on their website, no reponse, this went on for 3 weeks. Finally call the Toyota helpline and they transferred me to lexus. Here is the issue. The standard maintenance plan that lexus provides can be upgraded to a full plan for about R10K. The competition, Merc, BMW, Jaguar, Audi has fully maintenance plan essentially piece of mind motoring costs, and the number of year is greater, lexus covers 4 years / 100K, competition minimum 5 years / 100k with merc been the best 6 years 100K. I have been a lexus loyalist but I firmly believe they are treating the brand as a Toyota instead of a premium vehicle. Imagine purchasing a Lexus GS350 for R581K and you still have to spend cash on maintenance during its 4 years 100K.

      sabelo.mzuku - 2013-05-03 13:22

      oh that is just terrible my good sir, they need to better themselves if they are to stand firm against established opposition.

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