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Street thugs kill 7 bus drivers

2015-07-30 12:06

ANY MEANS POSSIBLE: People use different types of transportation to get to work in Apopa, Salvador during a transport strike over the lack of security in the violence-plagued country (July 2015). Image: AFP / Marvin Recinos

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador - Street gangs in El Salvador, central America, have killed a seventh bus driver for defying their campaign to shut down public transport to force the national government to recognise the feared urban posses.

The gangs called for the boycott on Monday (July 27 2015) and ordered bus drivers to stay off the road. They killed five defiant drivers on that day and another the day before.

The July 29 victim was a driver who was buying fuel on the outskirts of the capital San Salvador. He was shot.


Many people used army trucks and other state-owned vehicles to get to work or school.

The powerful and ultra-violent gangs want the government to include them in the Security Council. This government body is working with civil society groups to stem the criminal violence that is rampant in this poor Central American country.

President Salvador Sanchez Ceren on Tuesday(July 28) ruled out dialogue with the gangs, saying: "Let me be very clear on this. We are not going to negotiate. We are going to pursue them and capture them so they face justice."

On Tuesday night police captured a suspected leader of a gang called Barrio 18.

Prosecutors said the subject, Cesar Vladimir Montano, had allegedly ordered killings and carried out conspiracy and acts of terror.

IN CUSTODY: Cesar Montoya "Sailor", member of the 18th Street gang, is accused of allegedly being one of those who ordered the crimes of the last days in San Salvador. (July 29 2015).  Image: AFP / Marvin Recinos

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