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SPIED: Citroen C4 Gran Picasso

2012-08-23 11:04

NEXT C4 GRAN PICASSO: It might not look like much now, but this is what Citroen does best - large, stylish boxes with superb interiors.

Citroen has always pushed its “Creative Technology”, as seen in its DS range.

Some believe the French automaker has fallen from grace and is working away from its roots toward more commercially viable vehicles.


There’s still a bit of French creativity left in the automaker as is evident in the way Citroen designers and engineers have left their mark on an upcoming large MPV, most likely the replacement for the seven-seater C4 Gran Picasso.

The engine range will most likely carry over from the existing range.


This means a diesel line-up made up of the base 1.6-litre turbos, the HDi 67kW and HDi 82kW and the 2.0 HDi 111kW.

Petrol options will include the base VTi 88kW and VTi 70kW, plus the THP 115kW developed with BMW.

We’ll likely also see the Hybrid4 system from the DS5 and Peugeot 3008 as well.

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