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SPIED! BMW 3 Series 2012

2011-02-18 08:47

SOLAR POWER: BMW's new 3 Series is set for release in 2012

Our spies braved the frigid wilderness to point their sniper's lenses at BMW’s next-generation 3 Series undergoing testing in Europe.

Details of the new model have been sketchy, at best, so BMW has decided to satisfy our curiosity by releasing some general details.

The dimensions of the typical 3 Series, evident since the E36 through to the E46 and the current E90, will remain; generally squat proportions, a short rear overhang and wheels placed to each corner.

Though the new model will be slimmer and more toned compared to the current generation.

The typical BMW glasshouse remains with design links to the 7 Series and X1.


The front of the car receives a wider kidney grille (smaller than the current 5 Series) with tweaked headlights.

Under each headlight is a semicircle which in the centre allows for a V -shaped opening where the grille is placed. It seems the new 3 Series will retain it’s classic BMW layout with L-shaped tail lights.

The Coupe and Cabrio variants will take on a different appearance to the sedan and Touring models. Once again, in terms of design, the front and rear will separate the two models with unique light clusters and design sculpture.

The Cabrio will retain the current folding hardtop.

BMW will be boosting the new 3 Series through its Efficient Dynamics technologies and has planned a hybrid model. The hybrid will use a range extending three -cylinder engine connected to an electric motor.

Other technology includes lighter tyres, aerodynamic alloy rims and a solar roof panel for extra energy efficiency in the use of interior controls.

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