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Spanish police probe garages offering emission cheating

2015-10-05 07:46

EMISSIONS CHEATING:Spanish police probe garages offering emission cheating service with software similar to Volkswagen. Image: AP / Luca Bruno

Madrid, Spain — Spanish police say they have cracked down on a string of workshops that provided customers with mechanical and software services that enabled their cars to cheat emission checks in a scam similar to that which has engulfed Volkswagen.


Following a tip-off, police discovered that eight workshops in Madrid were removing diesel filters and reprograming software so that motors could deliver more power, be cheaper to service and fool emissions testing equipment.

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The workshops charged customers $112-$224 to remove diesel particulate filters, thus improving performance and reducing servicing costs that can amount to $1345.

The reprogrammed software then made the harmful emissions issued by the tampered-with engines undetectable, a police statement said Saturday (October 3 2015).

Police did not immediately say how many people were arrested in the investigation.


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