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Spanish 4x4 for SA?

2006-04-21 05:29

Spy photo of the SEAT Leon SUV. Final production versions will have grey sideskirts and bumpers, and a sump guard - see artist's impression below.Copyright Automedia

The car, caught on camera in Scandinavia, has the same underpinnings as the upcoming VW Marakesh "baby Touareg", but clad with the Leon's handsome bodywork.

There are no embellishments on the test mule shown here, but the final product is expected to have macho bolt-ons such as greyish painted side sills and front and rear skirts, as well as a sump guard.

It's expected to go on sale this time next year, with a wide variety of engine choices from the Leon stable.

Audi SA spokesman Rudi Venter - who will also handle the upcoming SEAT brand in South Africa - says he hasn't yet heard about the new car.

"However, with the baby Touareg due soon, it would be possible to produce and market a SEAT version.

"So at this stage, there is no official word if it will join the line-up," he says.

Above, note the high stance on the test mule.

An artist's impression of the SEAT Leon SUV in production form.Copyright Automedia


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