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South Africa GP revival: Readers respond

2015-01-26 10:16

CAPE TOWN GP IN THE WORKS? Above is the proposed Cape Town GP track which never materialised. Perhaps Lewis Hamilton's dad Anthony will have more luck reviving the South African GP? Image: Capetowngrandprixsa.co.za

CAPE TOWN - In January 2015 Mercedes' double F1 champion Lewis Hamilton's father has become involved in fresh plans to revive a South African GP.

The UK's Press Association has reported that he's working with Ecclestone to return F1 to Africa, off the GP calendar since 1993, and once again Cape Town is the focus, this time for 2016.

Ecclestone said: "I've been looking to go back to South Africa for a long time and now we have a good chance."


We asked readers whether they'd like to see South Africa return to the F1 calendar:

Campbell Roelofsz said: "I would love it if Cape Town was on the F1 calendar! I could think of nothing better. The plan for it to go through the stadium sounds great."

Simply box-it said: “We get to witness a spectacular international sporting event once a year in our own country. Fans from all over the world will be visiting SA and will be contributing to the economy as well as our tourism not only on the event but promoting our tourism all year round and creating another landmark for foreigners to want to come visit.”

Charles mash said: “I would love to see a street race passing through parliament round the city and the sea side.”

Ozlin Riddles said: “I would love to see Formula 1 coming to Cape Town. Sea Point will be ideal with part of the race track along beach road which would be a perfect scene.”

Martin Niemand said: “I believe it will be great to stage a F1 race in Cape Town with Table Mountain as the back drop. F1 is much quieter now and the residential areas can only benefit from the income it could generate.”

Etienne Kidson said: “I think this is a brilliant idea! Yes it will have a huge financial implication on the City, but think of the influx of tourists we will receive and the continuous financial boost…”

Dewald Burzynski said: “If you make it financially viable and have public participation/marketing under the poeple in the area you will get the buy in from council. They cannot go against what the people want if it is publicised widely and loudly enough. We would love a F1 GP in Cape Town!”


Alex Davies: “I think having an F1 grand Prix in Cape Town would be amazing. The stadium is struggling to find funds. What better way to bring them in than to have the GP with the proposed pit stops in the stadium.

“It would also do wonders for property values, as well as boosting the Sea Point/Green Point area, which some have called the French Riviera of Africa. Anyone who complains about noise in the area, clearly hasn’t heard the taxis on Main Rd, Seapoint every afternoon, and to my mind, the money it would bring in, compared to the cost of increased noise for a weekend, is of no concern to me.

“I am a Sea Point resident and I say, bring it on!”

Mcinga M said: “The idea is great for sure that will attract so many sport lovers. I have calculated distance of about 3.5km around Cape Town stadium and next to the Waterfront.”

Kagiso Legodi said: "Big YES, even if Jo'burg host #F1 #GP as long as we South African host the greatest show on earth #Formula1." 

Dave Van Rooyen: “A big yes, a million times yes! So obvious that this has to happen. We have to have F1 in South Africa for tourism and for the growth of our country!”

Sean Munro: I live in Cape Town and I’m a huge F1 fan I would love to see the F1 come to South Africa not only will it bring tourist from all around the world, but will give Cape Town a good name as well
“I hope things work out.”


Corrie Andre Weavind said: “I would love to see a F1 GP race for Cape Town. Where I’m not too sure. Perhaps Sea Point, Green Point or Camps Bay and the Glen area, incorporating Bantry Bay somehow. Alternately the N7 Past the Ostrich Farm and down to the West Coast Road and back past Atlantis, I’m not too sure.”

Andrea Hougaard: “As a current resident of Sea Point and racing supporter I would love to see an F1 in CT happening! If we survived the 2010 soccer we can survive a week of racing!"

Zane said: “The plan laid out seems good, but I myself am not a fan of the idea to let the cars drive through the stadium. Rather set a route around that."

Mogamed Boonzaaier said: I would like to see Formula1 coming to South Africa,especially in Cape Town.It would only mean more tourists to the mother city and it would mean more jobs.I think a venue that will be suitable would be the airport area,as there is lot of open land and it is not in a residential area."


Andrew said: “I believe the circuit should be built in East London that was the original home of F1. We still have the original circuit in place and East London needs this type of investment. East London has the highest unemployment rate in South Africa. We also have Mercedes-Benz on our door step.”

Louis Nell said: “What about Aldo Scribante in Port Elizabeth. It needs a  bit of an upgrade but it’s outside residential areas and it's in the Coega CDC. P.E could use world exposure, we’ll call it The Nelson Mandela Bay Grand Prix.”

Terrence Storbeck said: "It will be great to see F1 at the best track in SA - Kyalami."


Adrian Roodt said: “I am a huge F1 fan and i believe many people are short sighted. We do a rugby and soccer world cup because it’s our nation’s sport. We even bid for the Olympics. Cape Town must wake up. We receive no big sporting events anymore because of negotiations always failing.

“If you want to look at what it can do for us just look at Monte Carlo. We can host an even better race through the Waterfront and Cape Town streets. The money that will flow in with the teams, spectators and journalist is endless. Wake up Cape Town."

Walleed Abdul said: “F1 in cape town? Hell yeah! They’re concerned about the cost of initial layout but did they stop to consider the amount of money that industry would generate for us as a country the tourism sector would instantly get a boost?

“This could be a second Monaco grand prix on the F1 calendar. Maybe they should have thought of cost waste when they decided to construct the new stadium which now stands as a white elephant what about that cost that was wasted. Maybe it's a case of certain people not liking the sport that's why this has not happened yet.”


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