Solar roofs for Renault plants

2012-11-07 11:23

Renault has announced it will introduce 400 000 square metres of photovoltaic panels at six of its French production sites before moving to plants around the world in a move it hopes will further enhance its environmental standing while also protecting new vehicles.

The panels, equal to 60 soccer pitches, will make this system the largest in the automotive industry, the automaker said. The panels will initially be introduced at six plants in the delivery and shipping centres, and the employee parking areas, before the initiative is rolled out to Renault facilities across the world. 


The solar panels are capable of generating 59MW and can produce 52 600 MWh of electricity a year, the automaker said. This would be enough to power a town of around 15 000 people, it was said.

Renault’s solar panel system, it is estimated, will help the automaker make a 200-tonne reduction in its annual CO2 emissions.

More than helping the automaker in making its operation more environmentally-friendly, the panels are designed to resist hail impact and protect new cars before they are delivered to the sales network.

The system would also being rolled out internationally and feasibility studies are underway in Slovenia, Morocco, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Romania.