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Smashed Porsche dragged by truck

2014-11-12 10:35

HOW NOT TO DRIVE A PORSCHE: A driver might face a harsh prison sentence after he caught passed out in his Porsche Cayenne, which was dragged behind a truck for 10km. Image: YouTube


Talk about a lucky day. A pedestrian was caught in a smash between a truck and an SUV. Despite being in middle of the collision, he didn't even suffer a scratch. Watch the incredible clip!

JIANGXI PROVINCE, China - What do you do with your brand new Porsche? Get stoned behind the wheel, while carrying a car full of illegal drugs and then get stuck behind a truck while being dragged for 10km.

According to the UK daily Mirror, 32-year-old Zhen Yin was allegedly on his way to see a contact when he passed out out behind the wheel of his brand new Porsche Cayenne.

He then rammed into the back of the truck and was dragged for more than 10km. Yin might have been lucky to escape serious injuries but that's where luck ran out when the police arrived.

A police spokesman said: "When officers arrived they not only found a drug dealer we’ve been hunting a long time, but his boot was full of cocaine too."

VIDEO: Stuck Porsche Cayenne dragged by truck

Driver Jian Yeh (45) explained: "We were coming up behind the Porsche and I remember thinking that it was very close to the back of the truck. And then to my astonishment I realised it was actually stuck to the back of it.

"The driver was clearly unconscious and I didn’t know if he was dead or just asleep. So I started beeping my horn to try and either wake him up and alert the lorry driver."

Truck driver Xiong Feng had no idea about his extra load and drove about 10km before he was flagged down by another truck driver.

Feng said: "The first I became aware of anything was when I heard some loud honking beside me. He (another truck driver) had his window down and was shouting something but I couldn’t hear him and then he started pointing at the back of my truck.

"Eventually though I pulled over and it was only then that I saw the car stuck on the back."

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