'Smaller cars for young drivers'

2012-10-10 12:23

Wheels24 reader Mahomed believes youngsters should not be behind the wheel of powerful vehicles and that a "limitation" should be placed on engine capacity.

"I think young drivers should not be allowed to buy or drive performance vehicles but rather stick to the normal 1.1 to 1.6 capacity.

"Yes they are allowed to drive their parents' powerful performance vehicle only if accompanied by the parents.  I see a lot of young drivers like the article says think they can handle it or saw somebody do it and they try it and it just doesn’t work the same so I guess if they restricted power the less damage.

I strongly feel the ideas ABI has are good but as mentioned above a few more rules should apply."

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  • theo.gericke - 2012-10-10 13:38

    Come on, what next? Only white cars on the road for safety sake? Rather enforce existing traffic rules. Do not try to reinvent the wheel!

  • Ntamu Tokzik Baloyi - 2012-10-10 14:02

    Looser! If you're reckless, any car is equally deadly..

  • MuhammadSheikOumar - 2012-10-10 16:56

    I think Fords "MyKey" is the solution here. The parent can program the vehicles key to limit audio volume and restrict the top speed. The audio system also does not work unless the seatbelt is worn.

  • ceba.mlandu - 2012-10-10 20:55

    what a retarded thing to say

  • thys.reeder - 2012-10-11 10:44

    A 1100 Uno is just as dangerous as a C63 AMG. Both can do 120 where its unsafe to do 60. The safety is between your ears...

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