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Second Tesla crashes and burns

2013-10-30 08:02

STOCK IN FLAMES: Battery-car company Tesla saw its shares drop by 6% after in early Oct 2013 after this video went online. Image: YouTube


Tesla Model S on fire

2013-10-03 14:57

Electric car company Tesla saw its shares drop by 6% on Wednesday after a video of a blazing Model S was posted on the Internet.

DETROIT, Michigan - Tesla Motors' share value has dropped after reports of a second fiery crash involving the company's Model S battery car.

On October 17, in Merida, Mexico, a Model S sped into a roundabout, crashed through a concrete wall and hit a tree. The driver fled before the car went up in flames.

US automotive Website Jalopnik reported the story on Monday (Oct 28 2013), citing the Mexican newspaper Progreso Hoy.


Tesla responded that the Model S protected the driver despite the severe crash and said the driver was buying replacement Model S.

It was the second Model S to crash and burn in recent weeks. The first burned after hitting road debris in Kent, Washington state.

Tesla share values fell by four percent to close at $162.86.

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