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Schumi's homepage is back online

2014-11-13 08:45

'THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH': A screengrab of Michael Schumacher's website reads: "We would like to thank all the people who wish Michael well, for their positive energies. We are sure they had helped him already. Image: Supplied

BERLIN, Germany - The homepage of seriously injured Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher will be reactivated today (Nov 13) to mark the 20th anniversary of his first F1 championship title.

His manager Sabine Kehm said on Wednesday: The site (www.michael-schumacher.de) will be reborn on Thursday (Nov 13), 20 years to the day since he clinched the 1994 triumph in a Benetton in Australia.

Kehm said: "Many fans around the world have continued to show they care about him since his (skiing) accident and this will give them a home."


Schumacher was badly hurt in a skiing fall at Meribel, France, in December 2013 and his website was put on hold. Kehl gave no further update about Schumacher's condition.

In October 2014 a doctor treating Schumacher said he was making progress in his recovery from the brain injury. He underwent two operations before being placed in an induced coma from which doctors at Grenoble University Hospital Centre in France began slowing waking him in late January 2014.

Schumacher is now being nursed at his home in Switzerland.

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