Schumie 'awake for hospital transfer'

2014-06-18 12:06

GENEVA, Switzerland - Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher was conscious and had his eyes open during his top-secret transfer from a French hospital to one near his home in Switzerland.

That, at least, is what Swiss newspaper Blick has reported.

Schumacher was moved on Monday after apparently emerging from a coma induced after a serious skiing fall in December 2013. The paper said he had his eyes open for most of the journey by private ambulance, one conducted, it was said, like a Secret Service operation.


Schumacher did not speak, the paper claimed, but communicated by nodding his head during the 200km journey.

The ambulance company was not told who its passenger would be and staff had to give up their mobile phones after they came into contact with him. The paper said Schumacher had lost a lot of weight during his 170 days in hospital in the French city of Grenoble.

It tracked down the Swiss ambulance company, whose head Mathias Volken confirmed its involvement, but refused to give further details.

The seven-times F1 champion's spokeswoman Sabine Kehm on Monday thanked the doctors in Grenoble and asked for "understanding that his further rehabilitation will take place away from the public eye".

The hospital in which he is now a patient is said to be one of Switzerland's best and has renowned neurology experts.

It is in the city of Lausanne, near where Schumacher's wife Corinna and two children live.


  • Mcedise Logan Buhlungu - 2014-06-18 12:14

    Glad Schummie woke up. I hope he recovers fully and Enjoy the company of his wife and kids!

  • TaxStrike - 2014-06-18 12:40

    Get well soon, Champ

  • Hanno Van Helsdingen - 2014-06-18 12:50

    Miracles possible. Hope Shummie recover completely.

  • Richard Zanner - 2014-06-18 13:43

    So sad. He spent his life doing a very dangerous sport and then gets hurt while skiing.

      Nico Basson - 2014-06-19 16:35

      Not too mention his stint in motorcycle racing. Hope to see him make a good recovery, I would love to see him do F1 commentary one day perhaps.

  • Phukza Tshwani Mogotsi - 2014-06-18 17:02

    Get well soon champ

  • Colleen Charters - 2014-06-19 11:56

    way to go my champ :) praying for a speedy recovery

  • jeremy thorpe - 2014-06-19 14:01

    I hope against hope Schumi makes a full recovery. He was a truly great driver - and I'll always remember that classic moment on Top Gear when he revealed himself as the Stig! A guy phoned 702 the other day to say he'd been in a coma for three months and had since made an almost complete recovery. So I guess there's hope for Schumi!!!

      Nico Basson - 2014-06-19 16:35

      You do know that he never was the Stig though right.

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