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Schumi 'sits in sun', says magazine

2014-11-28 11:01

'HOW LOW CAN YOU GO': A tweet shows the cover of a German publication depicting Michael Schumacher wearing sunglasses and a black jacket. Image: Twitter/ Elexonic

LONDON, England - A German lifestyle magazine is being criticised for publishing a photo of Michael Schumacher on the cover of its latest issue.

The photo of the F1 legend, wearing sunglasses and a black winter jacket, is purported to be the first look at Schumacher since his skiing fall in December 2013 after a friend's report that he was being wheeled outside his Lake Geneva home to catch some sun.

The photo on German magazine Die Aktuelle ('current' or 'up-to-date' in German) accompanied by the headline: "What luck! Michael Schumacher sits in the sun". It doesn't however, actually say that the shot was taken before his skiing accident.


Die Aktuelle carried the same story as Wheels24 that Schumacher was able to sit in a wheelchair and was "pushed on to the terrace by (his wife) Corinna on mild autumn days".

The photo was actually taken in St Moritz, Switzerland, in January 2013, a year before he fell and hit his head on rocks during a ski outing.

German news magazine Focus described the cover and caption as "deceptive" and many other publications, among them Motorsport.com, slammed Die Aktuelle for misleading readers.

Motorsport.com stated: "How low can you go: it seems that there is no limit for certain publications."


Schumacher was with his 14-year-old son in the French Alps when he fell, hitting the side of his head on a rock and cracking his helmet. He was taken to a Grenoble hospital in France for treatment and in September 2014 was moved to his home on the edge of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

It was former F1 driver Philippe Streiff, who claims to be a friend of the family, who told the "out in the sun" story and said Schumacher was in a wheelchair and still has memory and speech problems.

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