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Sanral: 'Prove us wrong, DA'

2013-10-11 10:20

HELPFUL SYSTEMS: The ANC says the technology systems used on the e-toll gantries helps it collect accurate data. Image: SAPA


'The enforcement and administration of e-tolling is inefficient and grossly flawed.' This video explains why Gauteng e-tolls make no sense.

Johannesburg - The transport department on Thursday refuted the Democratic Alliance's claim that Gauteng was being misled by the African National Congress about the likely size of e-toll bills.

ANC spokesman Tiyani Rikhotso said: "The system we have in place has so many capabilities that go beyond collection, it also assists with travel demand management survey. Therefore, we have an accurate idea of how many cars pass a gantry."


Earlier, the DA's Gauteng premier candidate Mmusi Maimane said it was hard to believe that more than 80% of users with an e-tag would pay a maximum of R100 a month.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed an Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance appeal against the implementation of e-tolls by the SA National Roads Agency Limited.

Rikhotso said that, from the information collected, the department could track the frequency at which a vehicle used a stretch of road. "From that, we are able to sample and calculate how much they use. There is nothing more accurate than that."

He moved to assure vehicle owners that no matter how many trips a vehicle made between the gantries, they would not pay anything above the set R450 cap. Even if a car made trips amounting to R3000 a month, only the set amount of R450 would be payable.

He challenged the DA to provide evidence to support its claims. Rikhotso said: "We will welcome anything that proves our findings are incorrect."

Earlier, national transport minister Dipuo Peters said at the SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry's annual convention: "The politicisation of e-tolls, specifically the user-pays principle, does not help anyone. It doesn't help us to play politics with infrastructure development.

See the DA'S e-toll calculations here.

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