Sanral: E-tolls not that pricey

2013-08-05 11:14

PRETORIA, South Africa - E-Tolling won’t cost you a fortune. In fact, tolls agency Sanral claims, 83% of you will only pay R100 a month.


The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) also says only a fraction of users of the Gauteng Road Improvement Project (GFIP) will pay the maximum monthly cost of using the roads, capped at R450 for those who have registered.

Sanral claims to have used data from its toll collection system to calculate these figures; the initial calculations done over a two-month period. However, the system has been live for a year and these conclusions were apparently confirmed as accurate over the longer period, too.


Of the 2.5-million vehicles checked, only 4700 would have reached the R450-a-month cap, according to the agency's data.

Sanral’s communications manager Vusi Mona said: "So much for the scare stories that have been doing the rounds! If you're one of those paying the maximum amount, you will have travelled through 301 gantries and done an average of 2760km during the month on the e-tolled roads. That is, of course, if you are fitted with an e-tag and have an up-to-date registered account.

"If not, it will cost almost double."

This is what Sanral’s plate recognition system says drivers will pay monthly:
• 82.83% will pay less than R100
• 10.10% will pay R101 - R200
• 1.82% will pay R201 - R300
• 0.59% will pay R300 - R450

Mona pointed to what he said were "other useful GFIP-facts". "Public transport operators can apply for exemption; visitors from outside Gauteng will have to pay tolls; duplicate or cloned number plates will be picked by the e-toll system because an e-tag is registered to one number plate only."

"Register," urged Mona. "It's an easy thing to do and will save you money."

Do YOU believe Sanral is being accurately upfront with its data? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts or use the Readers' Comments section below...


  • ThandoGqabaza - 2013-08-05 09:15

    Don't fall for this lies - Once you buy an E-Tag after 6 months the prices will go up.

      Lo Philips - 2013-08-05 09:45

      Agree. These guys will tell us anything to buy e-tags. Once everyone has an e-tag the prices can and will increase every few months and we can't do anything about it because once we say it's ok then there is no turning back. I say F!@# e-tol, I will NEVER pay for e-tol.

      Alan Gernet - 2013-08-05 12:14

      yip - well I last heard it was a cap of R550 - but that still means that R800 - R900 of salary before tax goes on Tolls - where there is no viable alternative. Let us also never lose sight of the fact that in essence, the concept of paying for the collection as well is wrong, and all prices will also go up because of tolls, and the poorest will be smacked the hardest. So, ignore the 'softening tactics' from Sanral now - and stand up against something that is completely wrong and unfair in essence!

      Jo Ape - 2013-08-05 12:36

      NEVER going to buy a tag!

      Jacques Shreky Stander - 2013-08-05 13:15

      Me too !!

      Allan Fraser - 2013-08-05 13:58

      I feel sorry for Sanral so I will not buy an etag - I would rather pay them the extra. Maybe zuma will mention me in dispatches.

      Heathway Masters - 2013-08-05 14:30

      Lies, lies and more damned lies. They will need plenty to keep the Austrian Company happy, plus the other 100 local hangers on, and then finally SANRAL. Once on E-Tags Mr motorist, it will be a case of E-Tags for life. A relatively small increase per year compounds into an impossible amount to pay. This is the reason that so many people are desperate to get rid of their timeshares. At the beginning levies were affordable, but with compound interest over the years, time share has become a very uncomfortable burden.

      Hugh Robinson - 2013-08-05 15:28

      Midrand together with business has far more people living and working in the area that use the free way. How cleaver to add the total number of cars on all the Toll roads and say only X will pay more than R100.00. Yes they would but then give us specific routes. Say the Ben Schoeman highway. Most will be at max travel cost per month.

  • Compos Mentis - 2013-08-05 09:15

    Laughs... what a load of hogwash. Please add the ripple effect of costs to this... Please ask Scamral to look at the bigger picture. This PR fluff about R100 will only fool the fools.

      Bruce Mills - 2013-08-05 13:09

      Exactly ! Goods have to move around Gauteng in manufacturing processes and each trip adds toll costs, not to mention the demand from workers for higher wages to compensate for their 'getting to work' costs. It all adds up to a significant dent in economic efficiency for the province and later the whole country [ if SANRAL gets this going, they will steam ahead and toll every major road in the country, especially key city commuter routes!]. When they deny this - know it is true.

  • Kari Pentikainen - 2013-08-05 09:16

    They can take their e-toll and EFF OFF !

  • Noel Wauchope - 2013-08-05 09:20

    Did the guys that "calculated" this figure pass maths lit. ???? Certainly not real maths !!!!

  • Fredster69 - 2013-08-05 09:34

    It is the principle...

      Omge Klits - 2013-08-05 13:11

      Yip - behind it sits an entitlement attitude that the public is there to be milked by the cronies of the regime for personal enrichment.

  • Willem Potgieter - 2013-08-05 09:37

    And every now and then the fuel levy goes up virtually unnoticed. Up by 11c again in August. Where does this money go?

  • Johan Erlank - 2013-08-05 09:46

    Never! I refuse to be tagged by SCAMRAL!

  • Chris Shield - 2013-08-05 10:01

    No! We won't register, we won't buy a an etag! Are you deaf or stupid mr Mona? We've had enough! tell your friends in Austria to come and take down their power-wasting gantries because they will NEVER EVER get any use. GOT THAT!?!?!? WE.....WILL.....NOT....PAY!!!! finish and klaar!

      Jacques Shreky Stander - 2013-08-05 13:18

      Yes please

  • James Smythe - 2013-08-05 10:24

    We are no longer listening SANRAL! Just forget it - we, the road users, will destroy your corrupt scheme and we do not give a hoot for your shady so-called 'research'. This is merely a last ditch attempt to charm us into capitulating and into buying e-tags. We know full well that all is irrelevant but the purchasing of e-tags. Your entire business and cash-flow model rests on this single premise - instant, cheap cash collection through electronic debits, which can only happen when we have e-tags. Ergo - when we have no e-tags, and even if we veeeerrrry slowly and reluctantly pay more per km after you invoice us (see how that goes for you!), nonetheless YOU lose! We will see this fight to the END!

  • Tawanda Murimirwa - 2013-08-05 10:42

    "Blah,blah,blah..." we not paying!

  • Johann Kaiser Raath - 2013-08-05 11:18

    It's not only about the cost. It is also about the principle of not willing to pay twice for something. We are already taxed on fuel, that tax pays for road maintenance, so why do we have to pay again?

  • Gideon Joubert - 2013-08-05 11:57

    So much BS spouted by SANRAL, they must bugger off! I am sick of their stupid stories! We will not be tolled.

  • Michael Diholo - 2013-08-05 12:01

    Let them suite themselves with these satanist attempts of theirs, we're not paying!!!

  • Michael Diholo - 2013-08-05 12:07

    They say they need more money to maintain roads... If you buy a tag you will pay less monthly, if you don't have one you pay double monthly, yet they force people to buy tags, doesn't it make sense to let people not buy tags so that they pay more and you achieve your goal? It shows this is not really about the money, it looks like one of those Obama's schemes to trace and track people's movements! Satanic!!! Want to have control over other human beings? Evil!!!

  • Deon Oberholzer - 2013-08-05 12:10

    This is rubbish, I don't believe it for ONE SECOND. The only way you would "ONLY" spend R100/month is if you only passed one gantry on your trip each day. How many people do you think only pass one gantry on their trip to work??? This is calculated as follows: Average cost per gantry +-R2.50 Your daily commute (both ways) = R5.00/day Five days a week = R25/week Monthly = R100/month

      Johann Kaiser Raath - 2013-08-05 18:19

      It is clear then that R100pm is very unrealistic.

  • Paul Eveleigh - 2013-08-05 12:12

    Haha! Are they trying to convince themselves? Amazing how their tone has changed from "You will buy an E-Tag! to "C'mon buddy, buy an E-Tag, help me to help you" Nope sorry, if we refuse to pay we save even more money. FAIL!

  • Bonny Lee Guest - 2013-08-05 12:12

    Bugger off sanral...... I will NEVER register. Im so happy south africans are standing together on this :-D :-D :-D

  • Justine Bizz - 2013-08-05 12:14

    SANRAL, are you guys pushing this country to a civil war? Watch your step and attitude, South Africans are bloody tired of being pushed around and bullied.

  • Matieu Tzouves - 2013-08-05 12:18

    Mona, please stop talking rubbish. Even if it is 1c I will not pay for something I have already paid for before. Hamba wena

  • Richard Scully - 2013-08-05 12:20

    If its so cheap then take it off the fuel levy....no etags from me

  • Dermsa Masedi - 2013-08-05 12:21

    is 2 much!!n we wont pay.

  • Nathan Lombard - 2013-08-05 12:21

    This is a golden opportunity for South Africans, regardless of colour, to join together and witness the power of one voice. As tax payers, you all pay the salaries of government, they are civil servants who work FOR you! If all of SA say no to this highway robbery, that will be the final say on this subject, and those gantries can be giant big symbols in remembrance of the day South Africa grew a giant collective pair of balls and said "enough!!!"

      Jacques Shreky Stander - 2013-08-05 13:21

      Man ... Well said !! Together we will bend their knees !

      Alan Jerrold - 2013-08-05 14:56

      Hear, hear. Until now, the ANC fatcats have winked at each other over their JW Blacks and said; 'We have the numbers, we can do what we like!'Now the ANC and its corrupt cohort Scamral REALLY have egg all over their fat faces. This has so united SA against the ANC, it is truly wonderful to see.

  • Mpilo Ndwndwe - 2013-08-05 12:24

    And who told Sanral that R100 is not a lot?

  • Chelly Mane - 2013-08-05 12:25

    R100 ONLY???? Really, we get a 8% increase in salary, but Med Aids, RA's life insurances go up 10%, Petrol etc... poephols!

  • Alta Steyn - 2013-08-05 12:26

    I've been nice before, calculated and keeping my cool, being the good daughter that my mama told me to be, Sanral, but after this article I need to say: Go to hell! With your etags and all. You will not get a cent out of me! Go to hell!

  • Patricia Candice Podd - 2013-08-05 12:29

    any CENT spent here is a CENT wasted, we shouldn't be paying in the first place!!!!!!!!

  • Henk Venter - 2013-08-05 12:29

    and the data is available for the public and for inspection and verification? I thought so, like all sanral documentation this will also be not available!!!!

      Johann Kaiser Raath - 2013-08-05 18:22

      it is because it is a big thumb-suck from SCAMRAL's marketing department. If a qualified financial person made those calculations they would not be what's stated.

  • Gideon Louis Rossouw - 2013-08-05 12:30

    What nonsense - already driving from Mafikeng to Pretoria and back is costing me R220 in toll fees, even before the e-toll has started. What is clear is that SANRAL will try to blackmail people into getting an e-tag by having a huge differential between the e-tag price and the fee that they will try and charge those who don't! And then the annual price increases will start, and that will never end! They should be ashamed of their underhand tactics.

  • Henk van Zyl - 2013-08-05 12:31

    No way - SANRAL can go and suck my e-tag!

  • mica.gogome - 2013-08-05 12:31

    I don't care how much it is,i just don't like it.I hate etolling,period!

  • Alta Steyn - 2013-08-05 12:33

    Yeah, you can feed a family of 6 with R100. And it does mean a whole lot to people who don't have it.

  • Derek Bekker - 2013-08-05 12:35


  • Ary Coetzee - 2013-08-05 12:36

    I have an idea - everyone that posted here, use the GFIP calculator to see what they will be paying for their normal home-2-work-and-back commute... And then post it here again to see what the actual average will be

      Deon Oberholzer - 2013-08-05 12:42

      R300/month for the "pleasure" of driving 20km a day on the heavily congested N3.

      Bianca Scheppel - 2013-08-05 13:02

      Return trip for me from 14th ave to New rd works out to R35.60 p/day (x20) with an e-tag on so-called discounted rates... No e-tag will be R68.12 p/day!!!! I would be paying the "capped" rate! Ridiculous I tell you, when will the madness stop? Take,take,take - one thing this goverment is good at doing.

      Lauren Potgieter - 2013-08-05 15:01

      We would have to pay R450.

      Amber Rancic - 2013-08-05 16:27

      R236 - and I don't even travel a long way! I have no idea where this lunatic got his R100/month figure from.

  • Shaun Crosby - 2013-08-05 12:38

    Sorry, what were the options in this Poll? Was there an option that included 0? If not, this poll is not valid and was tweaked to suit their needs.

  • Ed Schroeder - 2013-08-05 12:39

    Yes, and Father Christmas really does come to all houses on Christmas Eve. Try fooling those who do not have a brain in their heads - like your voters who still believe that the world is flat !!!!!!

  • Kalahari Kgalagadi Safaris - 2013-08-05 12:39

    It will be pricey for the ANC etoll will cost them the province in upcoming elections

  • Cabbage Promise Goats Dlamini - 2013-08-05 12:40

    If the foreign owners of this e-toll will get nothing then I think I am right if I say I will not pay R100 but maybe I will pay R50 or R75. The small amount is better for me, please so you can tell the foreign owners I will keep my R50 or R25 thank you. I want to pay for the road i don want to pay foreigners for collecting my money.

  • Zohan Steppingstone - 2013-08-05 12:54

    Screw you Scamral, I won't register or pay for e-toll. Even if it was R10.00 a month!

  • Pierre du Plessis - 2013-08-05 12:54

    In other word on 83% of motorist Sanral will make no money as the costs exceeds the income. So the 17% will pay for everything. Makes no sense at all

      Andrew Kozik - 2013-08-05 13:43

      Don't worry, they're just emulating the situation of SA at the moment.

  • Qaqambile Harold Mtshingila - 2013-08-05 12:55

    If that is the case, then why don't they cap the monthly fees at R100, and increase it at the same rate as the average goverment employee annual increase is (from 4 to 10 percent)???

  • Michael Lewis - 2013-08-05 13:01

    Try again SCAM-RAL... still not getting one. When are you incompetent fools going to get the message?

  • Rodney Sibuyi - 2013-08-05 13:16

    Zuma is too smart guys. He is not going to implement de tolls now coz he mighty luz de election next year. But next year after election , dey will us implement it without letting de public knw. Let us not be fooled by Zuma pls. Vote for de better party

  • Mmathabo Onthatile Mokoena - 2013-08-05 13:20

    R100 is a lot when petrol prices keep going up every month

  • Anakin Sky-Vader - 2013-08-05 13:22

    Another desperate last-minute attempt at trying to fool road users into buying e-tags. And once they HAVE your details and enough registered users the fees will go up, to make up for the 'lost' and 'due' income towards Kapsch.

  • Rian Van Jaarsveld - 2013-08-05 13:33

    I dont give a fffff it still adds cost to US the citizens already paying tax and increased fuel prices so etoll adds to cost if its R50 or R500 is added cost we need to pay for SANRAL s bad planning

  • Morgana Robbertze - 2013-08-05 13:37

    Exactly! !!

  • Pieter Kunz - 2013-08-05 13:48

    Well if you take the current rates on sanrals website there is bo way in hell it will cost R100 per month.... They are trying to woooo the public but its bot ganna work. We hate sanral, we hate paying triple taxes and its time for sanral tl realize that

  • Dave Robbins - 2013-08-05 13:51

    By the way, Sanral, your percentages add up to 95.34%. What happens to the other 4.66%? Is that the percentage that REALLY gets screwed?!

  • Fanie van der Merwe - 2013-08-05 14:01

    Not the Point. Why must we pay these fees for the rest of our lives! Not a single toll road has ever stopped once started!! This so called 'average person' at R100pm with 10% ann increase has already paid in excess of R7000 in the first 5 years. Whats more for every 10 000 of 'average person's, there is R1 million collected PER MONTH. How much was actually spent on the actual upgrade of the roads? I say, never let it start!!!

  • Erwin de Ruiter - 2013-08-05 14:15

    Mr Angry Mona suffers from schizophrenia: One day he threatens, the next he smooth talks a lolly out of a baby's mouth. Go home and pay your own e-toll!