SPIED: BMW 5 Series facelift

2013-01-23 09:42

Much like the GT, the standard BMW 5 Series will receive a midlife facelift in 2013. Although from spy images, it seems nothing major has been done to the car.

Image gallery

Visible changes will be a new front bumper with slightly larger kidney grille and a modified rear skirt.

While it’s not easy to spot any differences in the taillights yet, the camouflage suggests there will in fact be some alterations – likely in the layout.

  • hilton.camons.1 - 2013-01-23 18:00

    Just fantastic BMW, now we won't be able to tell a 3 from a 5. Audi went the same route and what a HUGE mistake! All Audi's look alike, from A1 to A8. Mercedes Benz seems to be the only one of the BIG 3 that distinguishes it's models from each other using innovative design. It's as though the designers of the other two have lost inspiration and just made carbon copies from small to big. Hell, why not go a step further and just make the interior spec all the same too - they'd save a great deal on paper with their long options lists...

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