SPIED: 2013 Porsche Macan

2013-01-18 07:26

Porsche is hard at work testing and refining its "mini Cayenne" for the luxury SUV segment.

Not much is known about the Macan as yet, but what we do know is that it is set to be revealed in 2013 and will take aim at the BMW's X3, Range Rover Evoque, and Mercedes-Benz GLK.

The new model will be based on the Audi Q5 and will share many of the mechanical and powertrain components of its corporate cousin.

This means a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and, possibly, a turbocharged version of the 3.2 V6 used in the Q5 will make their way into the Macan.

Check out some spy images of the Macan during testing

  • Kurt - 2013-01-18 08:49

    Just last week I was driving back to my hometown from Pretoria and noticed the umpteenth Cayenne on the road. Now the Macan! Even more on the road. Porsche is missing the plot. How do you destroy an iconic brand and the intrinsic "profit" value such iconic status contains? Proliferate, proliferate... Porsche vehicles no longer hold that almost magical allure it once had. Still brilliantly built and engineered, but....

      trevor.bush.9655 - 2013-01-18 09:26

      An expensive Audi or a poor mans Ferrari, take your pic.

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