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SA's N2 on 'deadliest roads' list?

2014-03-25 07:14

DEADLY ROAD: South Africa's N2 National highway has made its way to a 'most dangerous roads in the world' list. Image: Shutterstock

A company called Driving Experiences has rated South Africa's N2 highway as one of the "most dangerous roads" in the world.

According to company’s website: “The N2 road in South Africa runs between East London and Mthatha in the Eastern Cape – (Erm, it’s actually much longer than that – 2255km). More people are killed on this stretch of road than any other road in the country.

“The main danger comes not from the road itself, but from the vehicles and drivers using it, driving without due care and attention and speeding.

“The road which cuts through various mountainous areas has many barrier lines for its numerous hairpins, one unnervingly referred to as 'Hospital Bend' (Wheels24 presumes they're referring to the road in Cape Town, Western Cape) but many drivers just do not adhere to them."


Based on a "road fear factor" rating out of ten, the N2 is rated 6/10.

Driving Experiences says the North Yungas Road in Bolivia, also known as the "Road of Death", is said to be the most dangerous with a 10/10 rating.

The company said on its website: “With its narrow and uneven tracks which are sometimes only three metres wide and very steep mountains and sheer drops of up to 1000m, you can see why! It claims about 1294 lives per year."

Driving Experiences most dangerous roads (in no particular order):

 • North Yungas Road, ‘Road of Death’ – Bolia, South America
 • Commonwealth Avenue, ‘Killer Highway’ - Quezon City, Philippines
 • James Dalton Highway, Haul Road – Alaska, US
 • BR-116, Rodovia da Morte – Brazil
 • Zoji La, Zoji Pass – India
 • N2, ‘Settler’s Freeway, - Eastern Cape, South Africa
 • Guoliang Tunnel Road, ‘Road that tolerates no mistakes’ - China
 • Taroko Gorge Road, ‘Magnificent and splendid Gorge Road’ - Taiwan
 • The Pasubio Road, ‘Road of Tunnels’ - Italy
 • Skippers Canyon Road, ‘Gold Road’ – New Zealand
 • Nanga Parbat Pass, Fairy Meadows Road - Pakistan
 • Federal Highway 1 - Mexico
 • Trollstigen, ‘The Troll ladder’ - Norway
 • T0117, ‘Bakhchysarai Highway’ - Ukraine
 • Nairobi-Nakuru Highway - Kenya
 • Trans Siberian Highway, ‘The Ice Road’ - Russia
 • Pan-American Highway, ‘The world’s longest road’ - Alaska
 • Ruta 5 - Chile
 • Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road - Greece
 • A726 – Scotland, UK
 • US Route 431, ‘Highway to Hell’ - Alabama
 • Bruce Highway, ‘Highway 1’, Queensland, Australia

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