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White, Silver, Grey - Take a look at which car colours are popular in South Africa

2018-09-18 12:15

Robin Classen

Image: iStock

White still continues to be the most popular colour choice amongst drivers according to data taken from Lightstone Auto.

According to data gathered from Lightstone Auto, people prefer white cars and that trend doesn't look like it will be changing in the coming months.

Bland is better

White is also the most convenient colour to acquire in the event of spraypainting because it is such a mainstream colour that is available everywhere.

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Maroon, yellow and purple are the least liked colours for both passenger and light commercial vehicles.

We list the top colours in South Africa as well as give a breakdown of top paint jobs by vehicle type locally:

Car sales by colour canva_ Khaya Dondolo
Car sales by colour canva_ Khaya Dondolo


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