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Wanting to sell your VW Polo GTI? Check out these insider tips

2019-06-25 12:39

AutoTrader SA

vw polo gti

Image: Newspress

Finding your next ride is no longer a drawn out and frustrating process spent clicking through endless pages of online listings.

Thanks to a new, super detailed vehicle database from AutoTrader, for the first time in South African history you are able to not only search by make or model, but by variant too.  

Here we give you a proprietary sneak peak into the invaluable insights the updated database can extract – starting with the VW Polo GTI, which was the most searched for car from January to March 2019. 

1. If you, like many others, thought trying to sell your VW Polo GTI in Mpumalanga was futile - it might surprise you to learn that GTIs sold in this province actually yield greater prices than anywhere else in the country. And they sell faster too.  

2. Across South Africa it is the silver Polo GTI that sells quickest, followed by blue, black and then white in that order. The colour with the highest price tag is black – the database reveals that on average this hue sells for as much as R100,000 more.  

3. Looking to sell your GTI with a sunroof feature, then head to Limpopo; you can expect to sell it two times faster there than in KZN or the Western Cape.

"There exists many preconceived notions of where and when to buy or sell vehicles, along with which colours sell better than others – our new comprehensive database provides us with facts to work with, rather than folklore” points out AutoTrader’s CEO George Mienie

"Our reinvented website search function uses the same database – it will have visitors delighted by how much quicker and more intuitive searching for a car can be."   

But don’t just take his word for it, try it out yourself.


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