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These used cars are the top 10 most-searched-for vehicles you could buy for under R200 000

2020-04-09 15:40

Nikki Chennels

toyota hilux dakar

Image: Wheels24 Warren Wilson

While South Africa enters lockdown, one of the sectors of the economy where there is currently demand, is the used car market, where consumers are searching for cars in the sub-R200 000 category.

According to George Mienie, AutoTrader CEO, searches for cars R200 000 and under continue to perform the best.

"This is the largest segment – by far. We have recorded over two million searches in this price category this year alone," he reveals.

Having said this, which are South Africa's most wanted cars in the sub-R200 000 price bracket?

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Mienie reveals that the most searched for car is currently the Volkswagen Polo: "This comes as no surprise; the Polo was also the top-selling used car in South Africa in 2019," he reveals. 

In number two position is the BMW 3 Series: "This German luxury car was the third most searched for vehicle in 2019 and the sixth most sold last year," Mienie says. 

The Volkswagen Golf is currently the third most searched for car in South Africa.

"It was the fourth most searched for vehicle and the eighth-most sold vehicle in this country last year – so it's a perennial favourite," Mienie notes. 

The fourth most searched for car at the moment is the Toyota Hilux.

"It is the top-selling new vehicle in South Africa, and it was the most searched for model in the used vehicle market in South Africa in 2019," he points out. 

Image: Wheels24

In fifth spot at the moment, when it comes to the most searched for used car in the sub-R200 000 price category, is the Volkswagen Polo Pivo.

"Like its Polo sibling, this Volkswagen product is popular in South Africa. It also sold the third-highest number of models in the six months ending December 2019," Mienie says. 

According to Mienie, it is interesting to see that the used car market still offers good value for money.

"With R200 000 in your pocket, you can acquire a very good used car," he says.  

AutoTrader is currently running a campaign to #WinAnyCar valued at under R200 000. For more details visit the AutoTrader website and social pages. 

toyota hilux dakar

Image: Wheels24 / Warren Wilson

Most searched cars under R200k* 

1. Volkswagen Polo
2. BMW 3 Series
3. Volkswagen Golf
4. Toyota Hilux
5. Volkswagen Polo Pivo
6. Ford Fiesta
7. BMW 1 Series
8. Mercedes-Benz C-Class
9. Kia Rio
10. Ford EcoSport

*AutoTrader, February 2020


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