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SEE | Polo, Corolla, Ciaz: Here's which affordable sedan offers the best resale value

2019-10-11 09:55

Image: Motorpress

More motorists are making the shift from compact family sedans to the more spacious SUV counterpart.

So that means there are a number of good, affordable sedans available to pick up as used vehicles. It also means you can make a return on your initial purchase as several sedans hold their market value quite well.

Options to choose from

Darryl Jacobson, managing director of True Price, says the new Volkswagen Polo sedan is the outright choice if you are in the market for an affordable sedan.

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"This incredible vehicle, built right here in South Africa, really is one of THE success stories in the South African automotive landscape," he says.

As you also would expect, there are a few Toyota's on the list in the shape of the Corolla and its branched off Quest model.

1. Volkswagen Polo (achieves 70.55% of its original list price on auction)

The Polo has seen a vast improvement during its lifespan, with the current-generation offering Golf-like ride quality, a comfortable and surprisingly spacious interior.


                                                                               Image: Motorpress

While its hatchback version is a more popular choice with younger buyers, the sedan is equally as attractive and also provides the extra boot space that is often needed.

2. Toyota Corolla Quest (achieves 68.78% of its original list price on auction)

corolla quest

                                                                               Image: Motorpress

This is the option of choice for many Uber drivers because of its great reliability and affordability. It makes use of the same body as the 11th-generation Corolla, now offering customers more space and safety features.

3. Hyundai Elantra (achieves 64.95% of its original list price on auction)

The Elantra has evolved massively over the past decade, going from ordinary daily runabout to a refined premium offering which has become more appealing to all audiences.

hyundai elantra

                                                                          Image: Motorpress

Buyers now have options - like the flagship model that comes with a 150kW engine and also the offering of a five-year/150 000 km warranty.

4. Toyota Corolla (achieves 64.15% of its original list price on auction)

The Corolla has been a part of the local automotive market for decades and is now in its 12th generation.

corolla esteem

                                                                                 Image: Motorpress

Its great fuel consumption, reliability, and comfortable drive is the reason why people continue to buy it.

"This vehicle always attracts attention from the dealers as they know they will sell it very easily. It is also very popular with private buyers in the mid-to-older age category," Jacobson explains.

5. Suzuki Ciaz (achieves 56.44% of its original list price on auction)

Suzuki has been making big strides in the country with the likes of the Swift, Ignis and Jimny but now they also have a worthy sedan representative in the form of the Ciaz.

Suzuki ciaz

                                                                             Image: Motorpress

The Ciaz was upgraded earlier this year, now sporting a fresher look and a more powerful 1.5-litre engine.

While it is fairly new to this list, the Ciaz ticks the boxes as an affordable family sedan, different to the likes of the Polo and Corolla.

Compiled by: Robin Classen

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