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SA vehicle sales: Opel creeping back in to the hearts of South Africans

2019-07-16 15:19

Janine Van der Post

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A couple of years ago in May 2017, General Motors had decided to close shop in South Africa, but Opel decided to stay put. However, because the brand belonged to the larger group, there was much confusion, and its reputation was tainted by the mothership's exit out of the country by the end of that year.

The truth is, Opel never really left. And in fact, the automaker has launched several new cars locally to cement its position here.

Opel was always a trustworthy, reliable brand for decades, and they brought some awesome offerings like the Astra 200is and the Opel Kadett GSI 16V, better known as the legendary 'Superboss' - built only for SA. The latter was built with the single purpose of reeling in the iconic BMW 325iS in the local Group N racing during its time in rallying, but ask any petrolhead, and the car will take anyone down a fond memory lane.

Even the Corsa has a long history in SA, and the automaker has recently brought out a feisty little pocket rocket in the form of the new Corsa GSi.

In June of 2017, In June, Opel revealed its plans for the future with a new distributor in SA and more models set to join its local range. And things have only been getting better.

The automaker said at the time: "2017 will be the "most active year" in its history, with the introduction of its “7 in 17” model offensive."

New models for SA included its Crossland X and Grandland in that following year. 

Numbers have slowly started to pick up and month by month Opel has seen in excess of 100 units of its new vehicles, a sign that South Africans still loves the brand.

The Mokka X, Grandland X and new Astra, along with the new Opel Combo are just some of its latest offerings you can find at local dealerships.

During June, Opel sold 169 models, with the Corsa, Grandland X and Crossland X being its best-selling models not only last month, but throughout the year.

Fast foward to July 2019, we take a look at how the brand has done for the first six months of the year. 

The Corsa, Opel's best-selling vehicle, has sold 384 units so far this year, while the Crossland X is hot on its tail with 308 units, and the larger Grandland X with 126 units so far.


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